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Past Testimonials
Ron was excellent and friendly....he was very punctual in assisting my lockout situation because my car was left running...very professional through the entire process, thank you so much.  - Bernice R.

Russell called me and said he would be there in 20 min. and he was. He was friendly and got the job done right away. - Sarah C.

I would just like to comment on the wonderful service I received from James. He arrived within an hour of my phone call. He was nice, helpful, and very personable. If I ever get a flat tire again, I want him to come fix it!   - Shantay D.

We had a most satisfactory experience with your towing service. Moses arrived ahead of the estimated and reasonable time, was cordial, professional and kept me informed at all times, as he delivered my automobile to a nearby repair shop.  – Roz N.

The best service I have ever had. Greg was friendly and quick. Tested the battery and it indeed was bad, as we thought. Replaced the battery quickly and carefully. He is a real treasure for East Coast Towing. It's hard to find people like he is-good worker, knowledgeable, and cheerful.
Thanks for sending him.   - Eleanor M.

Josh knew what he was doing and did his job in an outstanding fashion. I was totally satisfied with Josh and ECT's service.    – Robert H.

On Monday, July 26th, I was driving on the interstate and right before the Cary exit, my brand new tire shredded from the rim. Not 20 minutes later, Ronnie pulled up.  Driving a sports car with unusual rims as I do required patience on Ronnie's part as I had to search for the various tools to change the tire.  He changed the tire and went one step further in leading me to the nearest tire store to search out a replacement tire. He was courteous, professional and kind. – Lynn J.

I was quite pleased with the service. Josh was prompt, courteous and handled himself professionally. He explained everything he was doing, analyzed the problem and explained the options.  – Alex C.

I was very pleased with all my contacts with East Coast today.  Greg was the tow truck driver and was very helpful and courteaous. I was in a panic when my car broke down and dealing with such wonderful people made the experience much less stressful.  I will definitely call East Coast Towing again without a doubt and will also highly recommend them to my friends. Thank you so much!!!   - Shawne T.

The technician that came was awesome! Very friendly and humorous as he unlocked my vehicle! I would recommend him to any of my friends and family for future service! Thank you !!   - Erin B.

Awesome!  Missed the phone call--would've pressed 1 for totally satisfied.  Thanks.   – Robert P.

My car would not crank when I tried to leave work on Tuesday. I called and was told someone would be to help me within 45 minutes.  However, Josh was there in about 7-10 minutes.  He was so pleasant to work with, very knowledgeable and helpful.  I had a dead battery.  He diagnosed it quickly and jumped my car off.  He ran the test to see if the alternator? was okay.  He told me to see my dealer promptly to get the battery replaced and programmed back to the car.  He also told me not to hesitate to call back if I needed too.  I would like to thank Josh for the help, the politeness, the knowledge to be so quick on the diagnosis and get me on the road.  - Susan A.

Russell was awesome.  Just wanted you to know what an outstanding job he does representing your company.  Thanks again.   Regards   - Jeremy R.

Donnie arrived when he said he would. He had my tire changed and I was back on the road within 15 minutes of his arrival. I am totally satisfied with his service and that of East Coast Towing.   – Suzy P.

Awesome service, very courteous and friendly :)  -Corinne N.

Josh gave us great service and a positive attitude.  My daughter's car had been parked on a hill with a low gas tank which made the car not start.  Josh figured this out very quickly, much to our relief. We were very happy and completely satisfied with our service today.  Thank you.  – Joyce N.

Greg came out of his way across town as he was ending his shift. I was glad he came and he was too. He did a great job diagnosing my bad battery and installing a new one. We had a great time talking together and made my mishap enjoyable.  – Bob S.

Arrived right away. He was helpful and nice. Great job!  -  Marlene I.

My wife was involved in a car accident last week.  Pat showed up within 10 minutes of my calling in.  He was very professional and courteous, he even gave us several bottles of water on that hot day.  He did an excellent job, was efficient and pleasant to deal with.  Top notch customer service, I would recommend his services to anyone.  Thank you   - Marc C.

I had the pleasure of being served by Russell who eassily found my car and quickly opened my car door. It is reassuring to know that your service is so readily availble when help is needed. Thank you for taking car of me today so quickly.  – Erik W.

It doesn't get any better than what I experienced today.  After calling, I was told the wait time was running about and hour.  Your driver, Tom, called a little while later and said he would be at my home in about 15 minutes.  And he was right on time. He was extremely polite, efficient, and knowledgeable.  Checked out the battery and electrical system and pronounced both of them as fine.  However, he determined that the problem was the starter.  Got the vehicle started so that I could take it to the mechanic. Thanks.  If only all service was this good.
-  Bobby C.

I was extremely pleased with the service I received from Josh with East Coast Towing after my tire blew on the beltline today.  He arrived within only minutes after I called for service.  I especially appreciate his courteous service and level of professionalism.  He exceeded my expectations when I was in a dangerous area and needed help.  Thank you!
-  Heather M.

East Coast Towing was very helpful. This is the second time that Donnie has assisted me with the towing of my car. He is always very prompt and polite and always takes great care of my car during all procedures. It is very evident that they care for the customer. Thank you Donnie! Thank you East Coast Towing!  - Marchant W.

Very prompt, efficient, and skilled.  Josh installed a new battery and explained all the warranties and cost.  I am   MORE than TOTALLY SATISFIED! – Gerald H.

1!  Totally Satisfied!  - Christopher M.

I called due to my dead battery and the operator stated that service will come in about 55 minutes...Moses arrived in less than 20 minutes and jump started my car quickly...Great job...Thanks  - Kenneth M.

Outstanding job. Diagnosed problem and had me going in just a few minutes.  Thanks, again.  – Sam S.

Excellent service.  Josh arrived within 30-40 minutes of my service call.  He was friendly and professional.  Explained why my vehicle wouldn't start and how to handle if it happens in the future.  I've used East Coast Towing at least 3 times in the past.  Each time, the technician was very professional and helpful. In my opinion, East Coast provides superior service.  – Stacie M.

Fantastic job. Josh was friendly and professional. He came quickly was able to diagnose the battery problem immediately. He even gave me great advice on how to keep my charge and what to do to prevent it from running down or damaging my battery in the future. Exemplary service! Thanks Josh!  - Stephanie S.

Russ called before he arrived so that I did not have to wait in the heat. He came in the time promised and opened my car door in record time. He was super friendly and professional. I am consistently impressed by East Coast Towing. Thanks for saving my day Russ!  - Stephanie S.

Josh was friendly, professional and did a great job.  Also, I didn't have to wait very long for assistance.  – Carrie P.

I had a flat tire late on the evening of July 25th and called ECT. Nick was asked to handle my situation. He called to let me know he was on the way, handled the car carefully and efficiently, despite inclement weather. Nick was very reassuring and went beyond what I would have expected for a late night call. He provided excellent service.   - Sandy C.

Moses was timely, courteous, and very professional.  -  Wilson S.

My battery died this morning. Tom Strizel was there within 15 minutes after the call and had me up & running again within half an hour.  Good job Tom!  - Tommy K.

I just want to take the time to say that Mr. Donnie Stewart did an exceptional job in responding to emergency roadside assistance call this morning. I am totally satisfied with the service rendered today. Thank you Donnie!!!   - Terase

Matt helped tow my car yesterday and he was incredible...very easy to work with and kind and professional.  I would recommend him to any and all my friends and family.  Thx! Daphne C.

I called to have my battery looked at and within 30 minutes I had a technician respond to my driveway. James did an outstanding job, diagnosed my problem quickly, and explained to me in great detail what my problem was and what I needed to do to get it fixed. On top of that, he threw in other tips about maintenance on my car for me, which he was not required to do. He was very personable, polite, and we had a great conversation about married life while he worked on my car. Overall, I could not be more satisfied with my service today and advice not only about my car but also for my marriage being a newlywed.  Thank you so much.  -  Mark B.

Driver came in a timely fashion on 8/11/2010 to the intersection of Stinson and Boney Drives on NC State's campus.  He jumped my car (I was surprised that the battery was, in fact, the issue)  He was a very efficient and polite man.  – John G.

Greg was very timely in assisting me with my car troubles. He was professional and kind throughout the entire process! Thank you, Greg !!   - Sara B.

Wayne was amazing and showed up within 10 minutes.  I would highly recommend him to any and all family and friends.   – Daphne C.

This towing service was a life saver.  The guy came quickly and helped me figure out what was wrong with my car.  He was extra nice and courteous and even dropped me off at my house since it was on his way to his next stop.  Great service; I highly recommend them!  - Emily M.

I was very pleased with Donnie & his service. He called me before he arrived & was there when he said he was going to be. He was very concerned about me standing there with him in the heat. He offered me twice to sit in the truck with the A/C. I rode with him to the dealership where he dropped the car off. He was a very nice kind man. I was very pleased with him & the service. Thanks Again for the quick professional service.  – Vicki B.

I called because my car would not start. Ron called me to let me know he was on the way & was there within the time he gave me. Ron checked my battery and it was fine. He checked several things for me & could not fine anything wrong, then offered to call the wrecker for me. He explained all that he was doing. I asked he could have the wrecked person let me know when he would be there so I could go back inside & he said I will be more than happy to. He was very nice & helped as much as he could. I was very pleased with him & his service.  – Vicki B.

Thanks for your quick response for a flat tire. It was late at night, raining and we needed the car early next morning. Not only did James change the tire he also plugged the nail hole right then. So thanks to James he saved the day !!!!  - Jesse S.

East Coast Towing has always provided excellent service to us.  They are very quick to respond, especially today.  They were there in 15 minutes.  They are always polite and helpful.  – Brenda H.

Russell was professional, friendly and prompt.  I cannot say enough about what great service I received from East Coast Towing.  I have told everyone here at work where I locked my keys in my car about East Coast Towing.   – Kathleen L.

Very prompt, courteous and provided excellent service in an extremely timely manner.  – Roger H.

Tom showed up very promptly and took care of my tire problems quickly and efficiently. I really appreciated it!   - Alice L.

I was totally satisfied with the service I received.  Donnie arrived within 20 minutes of my phone call and jump-started my car within minutes.   – Glenn J.

I knew the battery had died :(  I had a warrantied battery and the old one needed to be replaced due to its age. When Ronnie called to say he would be there in 5 to 10 Min I was very pleased. I usually don't do write ups unless I think the quality of service was above normal and it was. Ronnie did a good job diagnosing the problem and an exceptional job cleaning the battery terminals and installing the new battery. He was thorough but did not waste my time.  – Chip

This fella CJ was outstanding, personable & courteous in his service today.  I so much appreciated his help!  - MK

Wayne was so nice, very professional and cordial.  Thank you again for all of your help.  – Jamal & Roberta

Greg was super! He was professional, knowledgeable, efficient and very personable. I had total confidence in him that he was going to "do the right thing" by me. Thanks, Greg!   - John M.

Donnie was very prompt and pleasant.  – Steve M.

Locked keys in running car, Tom solved the problem in under five minutes.  Clean, no damage, great work, thank you.   – Scott S.

Michael was very nice and helpful when he towed me on thursday 8/11. I was totally satisfied with his service #1.  – Jennifer M.

Excellent and speedy service, Josh was very professional and got the job done without any problem.  –MA

Bestest ever! Never could have asked for better service! Hope I never need to have a tow again but if I do Donnie will be the one I call !   - Jannell P.

Josh was great when my car wouldn't start.  He jumped my car and installed a new battery, all in my driveway in under 25 minutes.  Thank you so much for everything!  - Whitney S.

Very prompt and courteous service. Will definitely recommend to others. Thanks!   - MD

I left my lights on last night and called ECT. The person who came to test and jump start my battery was Josh. He was both professional and efficient. I was very satisfied with the service I received. If I am ever in need of an emergency service again, I will be sure to request Josh from East Coast Towing.  – Dawn D.

Jamie was prompt, professional and courteous and I felt confident that my car was in good hands.   – Cynthia O.

Michael from East Coast Towing was such an incredible help last week!  He was prompt, efficient, and talkative.  What a great relief to have someone so helpful right after your vehicle breaks down.  I found out his initial diagnosis was spot-on after the car was fixed in the local shop.
I was about as happy as a car-less man could have been at the end of the day. Thanks East Coast Towing,  - Tyler G.

Josh was great. He got there super fast and did his job well. I would definitely use them again.   – George C.

Josh came out yesterday to change a flat tire for me.  He was fast, efficient and very courteous. Thanks!  - Martha P.

Josh was informative, efficient, polite and patient and did a wonderful job helping me with my automobile problems.  I would recommend him highly.  – Julianne S.

Totally Satisfied!  - Carl D.

Josh responded to a call today and did an excellent job. He arrived within twenty minutes,determined the problem and installed a new battery. I am totally satisfied with his work and ECT's response.  – Daniel D.

I had to call on mon. 8/16 because my key would not turn in the ignition of my Saturn.  I was on the verge of hysteria since I could not move my car, I had to get my kids form daycare, I could not find out where to take my Saturn and all rental places were closed.  BUT then Donald showed up and got me on my way and told me exactly what to do until I could take my care into the dealer the next day.  He is AWESOME!!!  - Krystin J.

Josh got to my car very quickly, was courteous, helpful, and fast. He even inflated a tire that was a little low. Made a bad morning a lot better. Great service.  Thanks!   - Drew K.

Donnie was very polite as well as helpful. He came in the time frame in which he said. I am very pleased with the service today. Sincerely, -  Valerie C.

Josh Marquardt provided EXCELLENT customer service this morning.  He went above and beyond the call of duty to "rescue" my keys out of my trunk.  He was very polite, patient and was very familiar with the functionality of my vehicle (things I did not know).  Thanks again, Josh!  You rock!!! :-)  - Twanetta L.

Donnie came out and did an excellent job.  He was fast, friendly and very efficient.  I would call him again if I ever had another problem.  I got his card so I could keep on file and let my friends know if they need service.  Thanks Donnie.   – Janice W.

Josh was very helpful, friendly and courteous to me by helping to get my car started. He replaced the battery in a timely manner so I can drive back to Virginia.  I appreciated his prompt arrival and service.   – Christine W.

I was involved in an accident on the interstate late at night. East Coast Towing responded promptly and dispatched a driver to the scene.  Craig was very kind, understanding, and above all, patient as he had to wait for almost an hour before the Police finished their report and allowed everyone involved to leave.  He drove me back to my hometown (about an hour) towing my vehicle behind us. Just a super pleasant guy to be around, especially after such a bad night. Really made me make the best of a bad situation and feel at ease.  I was 100% satisfied with the service.
Thanks Craig!  -  Justin P.

We were totally satisified with prompt service.  – Brian S.

Friendly, knowledgable. Outstanding service.  – Dennis B.

Service was great and very polite and was there in no time and it was an out of the way location.
Good Job.  – Robert

Ronnie provided excellent service.  He was prompt, polite and most importantly, he got me back on the road again.  He's an asset to you company.  Thank you.  – Simon A.

Donnie arrived in less than ten mins and was as friendly and helpful as anyone could have possibly been... and it was pouring down rain! Smile never left his face! Great service and really appreciated it   - Joshua B.

Prompt, friendly service---as good as it gets!!  -  Wayne H.

Friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, helpful, timely and solved the problem with a smile on his face while glad to be there helping.  He's quite the man and exactly the type of person you want representing East Coast Towing. -  Sig H.

Totally Satisfied.   – Lawrence K.

Ron helped me unlock my car. He is very helpful and super nice! He did a wonderful job and I was very pleased! Thank you!  - Caroline P.

Just wanted to say "thanks" for your great service.  I came out of a store and had a flat tire.  Josh was there within 10 minutes and fixed my tire and had me on my way quickly.  He was very efficient and did a great job.  Thanks so much.   – Carol R.

Josh called me in about 5 mins from the time I called in after I locked my keys in the trunk and was stranded, He came in about 15 mins and got the door open for me in a snap. He was courteous and friendly  Thanks a bunch.  – Ram I.

This is the best service ever. Stephen was at the location in eight minutes. WOW! I still had plenty of time to get to work. Thanks Stephen.  - Valerie C.

We have been so pleased with our service through East Coast Towing.  You have helped us several times over the past 7 years or so and we have been please EVERY time.  Our most recent experience was no different.  My husbands car just "died" when he pulled into a gas station. You all were there in about 20 minutes.  We had said we needed a tow, but when Craig arrived, he assessed the situation and suggested he check the battery.  He determined it was more than likely the acid decayed terminal, cleaned it off a bit, charged the battery enough to start the car and we were able to go to a local auto store and have it repaired.  Craig saved us a tow AND he was not only helpful, but courteous and professional.  We were a bit concerned about making it to the store and he gave us his card and cell number and said to call if we needed anything else.  Indeed, we were TOTALLY SATISFIED  - Tama M.

Service was quick and efficient. Mr.Marquardt was very professional and had my tire changed in a matter of minutes.   – Ellen O.

I had dropped my keys in the trunk without realizing it after I donated a box of books at a local library. The driver came within 15-20 minutes and had my car unlocked in no time. The service was professionally completed within the timeframe. I highly recommend their services.  – Diana J.

Very satisfied. The service was absolutely terrific. Russ did an excellent job in an extremely courteous, professional, competent and efficient manner and reflected the strong standards of excellence and reliability that East Coast Towing represents.  – Cedric G.

Greg was very helpful and nice. Thank you so much for fixing my tire so quickly! :c)  - Amanda A.

I just want to thanks you guys for some excellent ans speedy service. Josh was able to come to my location very quickly and changed out my tire in about 5 minutes. He was very curteous and even answered a personal question about where I could go buy tires. I am extremely satisfied with your service.  – Randy

Provided battery jump, arrived within 5 minutes of stated time, friendly, totally satissfied with service.  – Mary G.

My car broke down in front of a friend's house. Even though it may not be able to run, I wanted it at my house. I called, and Donnie rode in on his trusty yellow horse and saved the day. Although he had to wait a bit, he remained pleasant and professional. As he drove out of my driveway, I imagined him driving off into the sunset.  – Shields H.

Greg provided Excellent service, very professional and experienced!  - Richard W.

Drive was very prompt and the service was quick. Thanks Again for your service.   – Wanda B.

Jamie was very helpful to me when he arrived. He explained in great detail what he thought was wrong with my car. He was polite and presented himself in a professional manner.  - Felecia 

Marcus was courteous and knowledgable.  I was totally happy with his service.   – Vivian P.

There is no way to improve on the service I received!
Thanks!   - Carl L

Talk about service.  If companies had employees like Greg working for them, the owners and management of those companies could take months off with seeing their businesses lose a beat.  What did Greg do?  Greg not only call on his way to my home and gave me a specific ETA (which he made), but after the service call he asked me if there were any service issues with East Coast I would like to report.  He said, "if there were, the company would take those comments and work on improving their service"!  Think of that, a company looking to hear not only the positive but also the negative so they can improve.  Going forward I told Greg whenever I have a service call and I am in the Raleigh area, I will only accept East Coast Towing as my service provider, and all because of the level of service provided by Greg!   - Peter M. 

What excellent service-well beyond the call of duty. Received help within a short period of time. CJ was most professional and very kind and delivered superior service. I would not hesitate in recommending anyone to your business. Thank you again.   - Stephen J.

Donnie was very helpful and did a great Job, thanks for your help! - Lou W.

I was totally satisfied with my service from East Coast towing. Driver was there at the time he said he would arrive, this was good. Tom was very professional, he explained everything he was doing in detail. His politeness was just outstanding.  Thanks for outstanding service   - Otis C.

Received wonderful service from Tom today.  He was very kind and helpful and provided excellent service! Thank you!  - Loria D.

The service call to my residence to unlock a vehicle with the keys locked in the car was superb: courteous, prompt, quick and efficient.   – Salvatore B
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