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The driver was courteous, professional and extremely helpful. I was thankful that he helped me in a very difficult situation. He took extreme care of my vehicle when securing it and while towing. I felt very comfortable with the service and will keep the business card for any future needs and referrals. - Terry B.

Thanks so much to Roy.  We called, & Roy was there in as little as 20 minutes.  We had 2 kids in the car with us, which was important for us not to be stranded for a long time. He was friendly, installed our new battery in a matter of minutes & off we went.  He had great customer service. - Robyn R.

Just want to take a minute and tell you of my recent experience on January 17, 2011. I woke up late on a Monday and as Murphy would have it, my battery was dead. East Coast Towing arrived and performed tests indicating my battery needed replacing. He had the battery on the truck and i was on my way in very little time. Thank you for your prompt and quality service. - Keith P.

Roy was great.  Very fast and helpful. - Marnie

Amazing! Very friendly and helpful, would prefer to deal with him if I ever needed car help again! - Sarah L.

Excellent service.  Sunday night my car would not start after a visit to local store.  I called and within 10 minutes someone was on site providing assistance.  Bryson was professional and knowledgeable. Within minutes I was back on the road. Thank you very much for making one could have been a stressful long situation a non event. - Joe M.

Really fast and professional. Got my car unlocked easy, quickly and painless. Thanks so much. - Cal B.

It gives me great pleasure to share with you the exceptional service experience I had today with Matthew. Matthew was very personable and performed his duties in a very professional manner. Within 15-20 minutes of my calling, Matthew was at my home preparing to take my "Betsy" to my mechanic.  During our ride to the mechanic, I felt very comfortable and it was like having a conversation with a friend.  As a member of management with my employer, I want to East Coast to know that with Matthew, he represents your company in the very best manner.  He is efficient in his work and doesn't waste time yet he communicates with the customer that brings the level of trust and reassurance that your situation is going to get better.  Thank you so much Matthew for handling "Betsy" with care and realizing how much she means to me.  Job well done. - Jacque D.

I locked myself out of my Envoy and called ECT. Within 5 minutes or so received a call from Bryson stating he would be there in 5 minutes depending on traffic. He arrived promptly and successfully unlocked my car. He was courtesy and very professional. Thanks for great service! - Brian O.

Many thanks to Dan for getting our van back in running order. Our 5 year old battery was done for and was replaced quickly and expertly. - Ed F.

Hello, I made the call and within 30 minutes a wonderful and down to earth gentleman by the name of Wayne came. He was very professional, great attitude and did his best to make sure that I needed a car tow or not being that my Cadillac had a theft problem and my key was stuck in the ignition and also my battery went dead. He did everything he could do and we had great conversation also. This was my first time using ECT and I was shocked by the great customer service that I received. It is hard to believe that people are still out there like Wayne...Great Service East Coast Towing, thank you for the professionalism! - Selena

EXCELLENT customer service!!  Very responsive and courteous.  He even explained my battery replacement options very clearly to me before moving on to his next assignment.  He also made sure I was satisfied with the battery replacement before departing.  I am now a loyal East Coast Towing customer and will be calling you in the future whenever an issue with my car arises!  Thanks again CJ! You're the man! - Tim M.

Thanks so much for your prompt service and Kindness on a Sunday morning.  I will definitely recommend recommend your service to friends. - Kristy

They scraped my Buick off a tree.  Cleaned up all the mess and were very sympathetic. - Daina

He is a great guy with pleasant service. He got my battery replace in 15min. also he called me before he was coming to me so that was good. - Hetu

Although it took about 2 hours for the tech to arrive, he immediately and courteously diagnosed the problem (bad starter) and was able to get the car started for me to be able to drive it to be repaired.  Within 5 minutes, I was on my way. - Sandy G.

Wayne was very professional, he handled my towing call with humor and efficiency!! - Pat O.

Very satisfied! - Cecil S.

Matthew arrived earlier than the dispatcher said he would, he was extremely professional & courteous and we will use your services again. Thank you! - Julie E.

I had the most pleasant experience when my battery was dead. Greg was so nice and patient that I went ahead and bought a battery as well instead of going elsewhere. It is not often that someone is so nice and pleasant as well as helpful. I really appreciate that and hope you will encourage all your staff to do the same. It really makes a big difference. Thank You. - Marva A.

Extremely professional, courteous and effective service when my car stalled. Within 1.5 hours I was back from the dealer more than 15 miles each way. - Francois M.

Bryson was here within 30 minutes of my call.  He fixed my tire and had me on the road in 10 minutes.  Very satisfied with his promptness and the quality of his service. - Jim

Within 15 minutes of calling, East Coast was at my house; what quick service. Roy was knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. He is a credit to your organization. Thank you for making a difficult day into an easy one! - Michael P.

Bryson was prompt, courteous, competent and careful.  I was totally satisfied with his service. - John T.

We owe Matthew a huge Thank You! Just had our SUV towed. Matthew was very compassionate and immediately made the appropriate calls and received approval so my father did not have to wait in the frigid temperatures. Matthew's kind and compassionate way will not be forgotten! - Anita

A big THANK YOU to CJ who arrived very quickly and quickly diagnosed what my problem was! East Coast has a friendly and knowledgeable employee in CJ and I appreciated his help very much!  Thank you, East Coast! - J. H.

Roy did an excellent job. He called to let me know when he would arrive, he was attentive and friendly, and he answered my questions and concerns with thoughtful and honest answers. He replaced my battery and had to take out my suspension bar in order to do so; which is not a simple and easy task. He was all about customer service and got the job done quickly and efficiently. I was highly pleased with the service I received today. - Rachael C.

Dan was a big help and very professional. He identified the problem and replaced my battery on-site for a very reasonable price. I couldn't be happier with him or East Coast Towing. - Daniel N.

Joey was a big help and very professional. Couldn't be happier with him or East Coast Towing. - Daniel N.

I did not finish my comment:  your employee was very friendly and professional at all times. East Coast is fortunate to have him as a part of their team to help folks when they have a problem with their car needs. I was impressed with his efficient knowledge and trusted his advise. - Buddy W.

Ronnie called to ask about the problem and arrived within 15 minutes.  He immediately checked the battery, startd the car and asked if I wanted him to check the battery to a weak or dead cell. A weak cell was found and he then repalced it. Buddy W.

Josh provided a very professional service. He arrvied in 5 minutes and changed the dead battery for us. We are totally safisfied. - Chang D.

Prompt, friendly, very helpful. - Gary A.

Great experience with Josh -he arrived on time, actually earlier that the operator had stated, he took great care of my vehicle when towing it to the repair shop. Very impressed with service. Appreciated the follow-up call to check on experience. - Steve D.

I wanted to say thanks to Roy. Not only did he come out within 15 minutes of the call, he provided excellent service. He was very thorough and explained what he was doing to test the battery. When it was determined I needed a new battery, he made a point to discuss the quality of the battery and the warranty. He was extremely professional and did a great job! I'm sure East Coast is glad to have him on the team. Thanks! - Martin S.

Josh was awesome. He arrived quickly and was very knowledgeable and efficient in his service. An absolute pleasure. - Stephen O.

Donnie really saved the day when I was stranded on the exit ramp at Capital Blvd. He was quick to respond to what I thought was an issue with my car, which turned out to only need gas. He put the gas in my car to get me going and even followed me to the cloest gas station to make sure that I was able to make it there safely. He really went over and above his job and want to thank him for all his help and kindness. I hope next time I need towing services, someone with Donnie's high level of customer service is there to help! - Erika S.

A friend of mine's car wouldn't start, so I called up ECT, and they sent Ricky out, who was very prompt, helpful, and just a all around personable gentleman.  He certainly helped to set things off on the right foot. - Cliff L.

I was completely satisfied with the services Marcus was able to perform on my car's battery. He conducted his business in a professional manner and brought a friendly attitude to the situation. - Martin D.

Marcus did an excellent job helping replace the dead battery in my car. He called within 5 minutes of my call in and said he would arrive within 20 minutes. He was exactly on time. He was thorough in his work and solved the problem. - Katie

I just want to say that I am 100% totally satisfied with the service I just received. I  had a flat tire and Josh came within 15 minutes of my call. He was extremely professional and courteous, changed the tire in less than 5 minutes, and also put air in my spare (which was flat.) Thanks so much for the prompt and great service! - Deb F.

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FANTASTIC!  Josh was very prompt, courteous, and professional!  He called to tell us he was on his way, serviced the car and replaced the battery in a very efficient time frame! - Claire H.

Josh had gotten to me well in advance of estimated time of 55 minutes!!  He was very courteous in the way he handled the call.  I feel the whole time he had my car he was very protective of the car just like it was his own.  That was very much appreciated!!  Thanks Josh!! - Glenn J.

Thank you so much for the outstanding service I received when I had a flat tire last week!  Within 15 minutes of calling Jeff arrived, and had me on my way shortly thereafter.  It was the first time I used ECT's service, and I couldn't believe how easy and quick it was to get the help I needed!  I appreciated the advice on where to go to get a replacement tire as well.  Thank you for all you did to help me out that day! - Page L.

I had a flat tire on January 20, 2011. I immediately called for service. Within 20 minutes, Roy called me on my cell and said that he was in the area and should be at my location within 5 minutes. I appreciated him calling to let me know that he had been contacted so that I would not have to just sit there and wonder.  He was a very pleasant polite young man. - Connie B.

Dan got there within 15 minutes of my call. Dan did a great job. I need to apologize to him for not getting some of his jokes right away. Dan is a great asset to your company. - Mike B.

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