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East Coast Towing, 100 Rupert Road, Raleigh NC 27603
(919) 835-0705

We had a very special event planned at our house that could have ended badly with keys locked in the car. 
East Coast Towing sent Bryson out to help us. He arrived quickly, and with a friendly hello went right to
work. Within a few seconds he was finished and asked if he could do anything else. We could't have asked for
better or more courteous service. Thanks Bryson and East Coast Towing. You saved the day. - Jim

I want you to know that I received excellent service from Luke March 1st when he helped me change out a flat

I am writing to let your firm to know Mike provided absolutely excellent car assistance and customer service
late yesterday afternoon 02/26/12. Mr. Baker arrived quickly; presented himself clean, neatly dressed and
ready to work (his vehicle was also very clean and appeared well maintained); immediately assured me he could
handle whatever car assistance I needed; started to work promptly and took care of my flat tire issue in a
very professional and efficient manner. Plus, he was personable and very considerate. I appreciate all he
did. I commend East Coast Towing for having Mike as an employee available to work for and represent your 
firm. As a result of my experience with Mr. Bakr, I will be more than happy to recommend East Coast Towing
to others.- Fred J.

Luke did an excellent job in towing my truck along with being professional. People like him are hard to find
now a days and I hope you as a company treat with the same respect he shows his customers.- Darrell P.

In would like to say that this was the best breakdown experience I ever had. Luke was very nice and friendly!! He
called and kept me informed and he didnt try to get me to buy a battery I didnt need. He fixed what was
wroung and explained everything in detail. He made this horrific morning turn into a pleasant afternoon!!!! 
Thanks Luke!!! - Verdell P.

I got Roadside Assitance to make sure my wife would be able to get help if she were ever broken down and I was unable to help. I knew that no matter who showed up to assist her, she would be nervous in reguard to a stranger in her time of need. Having said that, Thursday night the 23rd of February, I was in need of a tow. Craig
showed up to help us out. Let me first say that I have been around alot of life long tow truck / truck
drivers, I thought I knew exactly what I was getting, WOW was I wrong. Craig was by far the most well groomed, well spoken, curtious operator I have ever come across. Now putting all the cosmetics aside, Craig
also knew what he was doing. I hope East Coast Towing pays Craig well and plans on keeping him for a long
long long time. He should probably be the guy who trains new drivers, he should just say, "Watch Me, This is
how its Done" - Mike

Tex was very competent; explained what my options were, got my car running again!! He was courteous, polite,
informative, and very much a gentleman. Thanks for sending Tex. - Brenda

This Guy Craig was great! My car died in a parking lot away from home. Turned out the positive connection was
loose. Craig not only undertood that might be the problem, he eliminated other potential issues, solved the
problem and I was on my way.

Called at 8:30PM with keys locked in car. Jonta called back with in 5 min saying he was on the way. Arrived
with in 15 min and had the car unlocked in less that 1 min. Very professional and knowledgeable and 
extreamly nice. I was TOTALLY SATISFIED!! - Charles T.

Wade was friendly, quick, and efficient. He was kind enough to give me a ride while towing my car, and after
we talked for a while he gave me some great music recommendations. I could not have been more satisfied with
his conduct and performance. - Ronald A.

Tex was very friendly and helpful, and I greatly appreciated his service. We had some troubles with the car,
but he was determined to do everything within his power to help. Overall I could not have asked for a better
experience, and I was 100% satisfied with his performance. - Ronald

We had a truck come out for our car around 10pm on Sunday Feb 19. We wanted to express our extreme gratitude and satisfaction with the driver. Service and communication were great, and he was very
courteous. It was a rough night for roadside assistance, and he was even early coming to get our car. Just wanted to make sure he gets credit for his amazing service. - Jennifer P.

My wife, Ruth, called about a stopped vehicle. It was in a dangerous position on the highway. We wanted
to get it removed as soon as possible. Luke arrived very quickly. He displayed professionalism as well as a
very friendly attitude. We were amazed at how quickly he got us back on the road. Thanks so much for your
timely and friendly service. - Ruth

I have not received a phone call about the service I received on 2/5/2012 so I wanted to take the time to let
you know about the excellent service we received on a very dark, stormy night. Sounds like a story but it is
true! It was a downpour and the driver was as cheerful and pleasant as you would expect someone to be on a
sunny day at the beach. Many thanks and great job! - Joshua C.

Tommy actually got to my location faster than I thought he would. Very personable and friendly gentleman.
When I explained the problem, he was able to find a temporary fix without towing. His fix allowed me to drive my car to the local mechanic to be repaired. Easily totally satisfied!!! - Phil C.

I was so happy with the assistance Tex and Shane were able to provide for me on Feb 13th when my car battery
wasn't working and my car alarm just going off. I missed the call in regards to the service given to me. But
pls note that I was totally satisfied with both Tex and Shane, and of course the East Coast Towing company!
Thank you for being there in my time of need. :) - Lilly

He is a fine young man who offered to change my flat tire even though I had called roadside assistance from our Mercedes plan. He was concerned about 2 senior citizrn ladies stranded in a rough neighborhood. Bless 
this man ---he is special. - Marsha P.

Sitting at Burger King at the corner of Union and Hudson Rd, not eating hamburger but sitting with a dead battery. Tommy arrived within 30 minutes of calling in. Tommy very helpful, chech out battery and found it was gone, gone, gone. We decided to purchase a battery he carries. He installed it and we were on our way in less than an hour...Tommy was very professional and polite. Thanks Tommy - Dianna

Luke called my cell less than 10 minutes after I hung up from the initial call I made. He called back a second time just to let me know he was on the way and to confirm my location. I was in the middle of the road on a 'non travel' lane and I was glad he showed up quickly. Very cordial, quickly changed the tire.   Great service! - Ellen F.

I Had my van overheat and contacted East Coast. Josh was sent as my service tech. The time waiting was within the time frame they said it would be. Josh was polite, profesional and friendly.  I appreciated riding in a clean cab! We had a pleasant chat duiring the drive to the garage. This was a
positive experience in the not so happy situation of having your car being towed. Thanks for making this part easy. - W. Jones

I locked my keys in the car. I was dropping my cat off to be spayed and she was in the car. I called ECT and they dispatched a young man to help me. Unfortunately i lost the card he gave me with his name but had the tracker. He arrived in less than 5 minutes, unlocked my car and my cat and I are very grateful. He was very nice and I just want you to know what a pleasant experience it was. Unfortunately, Itty BittyKitty's day went downhill from there! - Petina
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