I appreciate the very quick response and excellent service. Reference tracker number is 437433.  –Andrew T.

Received excellent, polite and patient service when I locked the keys in my car. I was muchly relieved when the driver arrived quickly. Great Service
Tracker #436703  Cawana K.

Tracker # 437529: Tom was absolutely remarkable. Pleasant and he got the job done with no problem and in no time.  Thanks! Carol W.

Tom was very cordial and knowledgable when he came to service my dead battery. Pleasure to get such good service and tips on battery life.   – Bob

I had locked my keys in my car and Josh arrived within 20 minutes of my call to AAA.  After arriving, he had unlocked my car in less than 2 minutes, allowing me to retrieve my keys.  He was very courteous and professional, and his service was very much appreciated.   – David D.

Russell is an excellent representative for East Coast Towing.  I was locked out of my vehicle, and he arrived earlier than projected and resolved my lockout issue in about 3 minutes.  He was courteous, professional, and understanding, which to me indicates the kind of high-quality people that East Coast Towing hires.  Please promote him and give him a pay raise!  Thank you!   Eric S., Cary, NC

On Monday July 12, 2010, unfortunately my vehicle stopped in the middle of an intersection....I got it pushed into a gas station parking lot and called for help.  Very quickly and promptly, Jason showed up and was very very helpful.....he helped try to diagnose what the problem instead of immediately just towing the vehicle.  Incredible customer service and wonderful representatives throughout the company.  A very big thank you to Jason and to all of East Coast Towing.
- Marilauren

Josh is the man. Got here installed a new battery and out in less time than it took me to contact AAA. Kudos
- Jerome

Russell came to our house to help us with a dead battery.  He was very professional and went the extra mile to make sure that our battery was charged and that we learned how to jumpstart the car properly.  Thank you, Russell!   - Patricia D.

I woke up to find a flat tire and called AAA.  East Coast towing was at my home within 15 min and Ron was able to plug the tire on the spot.  This saved me a trip to the tire shop and more time missed from work. Ron was friendly and professional and had me on the road again in no time!   - Michelle B.

No complaints - driver found my car quickly - diagnosed problem correctly and within a matter of minutes the car was on the way to the shop.  We were offered transportaion. Having other family cars in the area we passed up the offer.  – James P.

Jeff was professional and efficient. He went above and beyond in assisting me not only with my tow but with car maintenance. I am very grateful and satisfied.  – Christopher N.

I called AAA yesterday to have a flat tire fixed and a spare put on. The AAA customer service person said someone would be out in approximately 60-75 minutes, Russell arrived in 15. He was extremely friendly, funny, and did the job swiftly.   – Joshua K.

I was totally satisfied with the service that Tom delivered.  He was very professioal and enlightened me on every aspect of my ordeal. THANKS A MILLION.  - Lester L. 

I was totally satisfied with the service provided by Josh.  He arrived in a timely manner, was polite, was professional, was thorough.   –John S.

Exceptional service from James and fast on a 100 degree day!  More than I ever expected.  Thanks so much!!!!  - Mike S.

Thank you so much for your quick response and professional attention. Ronnie got me back on the road in no time.   –Thais F.

I was totally satisfied with the service I received.  – Kory G.

I couldn't get my car started and Josh and CJ were there a bit late but what I liked about that was they contacted me and told me how far they were and how much time it'd take before they got to me.  Once they got there they helped jump start my car, checked my battery, ran me through some procedures and helped me out.  Within minutes I was back on the road and ready to go. These guys were great and very helpful! Thank you East Coast Towing and Triple A!!   -Syed

James was both quick and efficient. He is a very nice man and I would refer people to him specifically. He made me feel totally at ease. I give you a 1, for being totally satisfied with my experience.   – Corinne

Reggie came to helped us on Sunday night, It was very best service and we were totally satisfied, Thank you very very much!!!   - Jennifer C.

I hate that my car had to be towed, but the East Coast Towing driver (Wayne) who came when I called AAA for help was the best!  Thanks for making a not so great start to the day much better.   -  Marcia G.

After hitting something metal on the road yesterday on I40, my tire went flat. I was on the small left shoulder of the road in an unsafe area. After about 20 minutes of receiving the call, Greg, an employee of East Coast Towing arrived. He changed my tire and upon telling him of my long ride home, he suggested I get a better tire than the spare tire I had. He gave me directions to a local shop and followed behind me to make sure I arrived safely. I highly recommend East Coast Towing. Thank you for making sure I was safe yesterday.   – Andi W.

I was pleased with your service and the guys who came to the house were there quickly and got my car running and I got a report that showed that my battery needed to be replaced.  I was able to drive to auto store and get it replaced in the same hour.   – Lisa K.

Greg went above and beyond the call of duty.  I gave me great service today when he changed my tire.  He was knowledgeable, timely and very effective.  Thank you Greg!  - Kelly B.

I had a trailer with a motorcycle hooked behind my truck and was stuck in a hole at the end of a driveway.Jamie showed up and saved the day. Thanks for a job well done!   - Henry M.

Moses promptly contacted us by phone and verified our location.  In a short time after the call he arrived and efficiently loaded our disabled vehicle on the tow truck.  He then explained the route he would drive to deliver our vehicle to our service provider so that we could easily follow him.  Once we arrived at the mechanic's shop, he backed the vehicle into a parking space and made sure that we knew to lock it before we left.  Moses was courteous and professional and made the ordeal of our vehicle being disabled on the beltline less of a headache for us.  We thank him for this service.   – Jennie H.

Fast, efficient, and perfect service, with courtesy and a smile.  I was Totally Satisfied (that is, a perfect 1!).  – Frank B.

Response time was fantastic and much shorter than indicated by AAA.  The tow truck driver was extremely helpful and reassuring.  I thought that I was having major electrical failure, but he got my car going quickly and had me on my way.  He made sure that everything was working ok before heading out and provided me with easy options for getting a repair.  I would highly recommend East Coast towing and Shane.  – Dori G.

Josh came to my rescue and changed my tire quickly and effortlessly.  He made sure I was back in my vehicle and on my way before he left.  I could not have asked for a more polite young man.  Thanks East Coast Towning for providing such a quality service and such quality employees.   – Debra N.

The service as #1.  Jamie was expedient, polite and very helpful in taking care that I got home safe and my car was dropped off at the mechanics.  I highly recommend East coast towing to anyone.  Thanks Jamie  :)   - Kimberly C.

Ron showed up and found my place of business with no problem. He was professional and understanding and he stayed with me while the battery was recharging.  He even went the extra mile and closed my back windows for me (you have to climb into the back and I have problems climbing in).  Thank you Ron for such a quick response.  -  Debbie H.
My car broke down and I was towed to Southern States Mazda.  I had a good experience and East Coast was very quick and friendly.   – Brenda W.

Just wanted to say what a pleasant experience we had this morning. After waking up to a NON starting car and not thinking it was the battery because of the noise it made, but Donnie knew immediatly and I really appreciate his fast and prompt help! It could have been a disaster of a day, but Donnie saved it! Thanks!!
-  Hope W.

Today as I left for work, I noticed I had a flat tire.  I called AAA and East Coast Towing trainer Josh was there to help in no time.  From the time I placed the call, I was on my way to work an hour later.  I didn't realize they would fix my flat.  The on the spot service East Coast Towing provided saved me two hours of vacation time.  I was TOTALLY SATISFIED with their service.   – Latonia T.

My breakdown occurred during the heat of the day.  Thank you for your prompt response and assistance.  Donnie was very professional and courteous.  I especially appreciated the cold bottle of water.  That was a thoughtful gesture!  Thank you!  -  Pattie P.

My experience was great. Wayne arrived quickly. The car ride was clean with good conversation? I would not use anyone else for my towing needs.   – Wayne H.

Recently ended up with a flat tire on a 2006 Solara. My friend and I called AAA. Within 10 minutes Greg was sent from East Coast Towing. My tire was fixed while I was having lunch. I couldn't have asked for better service. Thanks so much. Greg was both professional and expedient. I give you a guys #1 for sure!  - Becky S. 

Craig did a great job. He showed up way faster than AAA said he would.  He quickly jump started the car and correctly suggested that I take the car to a parts shop or dealer to have the battery tested.  Good thing he did - my seven year old battery needed to be replaced.  He may have saved me from being stuck is some remote place next time.  Thanks    - Van N.

When Marcus arrived at my home, he immediately began working on my vehicle.  He was very professional, friendly, polite and easy to work with.  He listened to my explanation of what happened to my car then worked quickly to resolve my problem.  Overall, on a scale of 1-10, ten being the highest Marcus receieves a 10.    
-  Linda W.

Very professional and pleasant.  Towed my son's F150 4X4 successfully to Sears Auto Center on Old Wake Forest Rd (Triangle Town Center Mall).  – Darlene B.

100% Real Client Testimonials
Great service. I actually had to use East Coast towing  twice. The first time Josh came out he was polite and did a great job. I needed a jump start and he also tested my battery out for me. The second time I used East Coast, Ron came out. Once again outstanding service and my wait time was less than 45 mins each time!  - Vanessa W.

Wonderful prompt service, Josh arrived to quickly jumpstart my dead battery.  Within minutes the truck was running again.  Reliable and friendly service is always appreciated! Tracker #432960   - Kelly M.

#1 service, Ron was very polite, efficient and recommended a new battery.  My warrantee was still in force and everything was replaced! – William G.

Michael was on duty when my truck just cut off and would not start.  He was quick getting to me and was so nice and so friendly on the way to the garage.  Thank you so much!!    - Amanda

Josh changed the car battery for me this morning.  He has done a great job and I am totally satisfied.  Thank you.  – Lan L.

We used the ECT's service this evening because i locked my keys in the car.  I called, they took all the info and i received a call back from Josh within 5 minutes.  Josh was at my car within another 10 minutes and the situation was resolved within 60 seconds.  The response was fabulous and much appreciated. My tracker number was 437307.  Thank you again.   – Doug W.

We got a flat tire in Raleigh and Jason handled the towing of our car with ease. He was professional and got the job done.   – Carla
24-Hour Towing Service / Blowouts / Lockouts  Jumpstarts / Tire Changes / Motorcycle Towing

Past Testimonials
Outstanding service, efficient, had a new battery installed and didn't even leave the driveway.  Thank you, keep up the good work.  Tracker number #435390    -Patricia

Josh responded almost immediately to my flat tire, even though it was the 4th of July.  He patched my tire rather than just putting a spare on, so I didn't have to spend my day off trying to get new tires.  -Emily

Reggie is a superior job with my tow to PEP Boys yesterday, 7/6/10.  He was very capable and professional.  I would recommend him for any towing and hope I get him the next time I need towing through AAA or whatever.  Thanks!!   -Letitia M.

Good morning, I called yesterday due to my vehicle not starting..Josh was on duty, he came over checked out the vehicle and found it was a dead battery..He replaced it, and it was very professional..He was here in the time frame promised..I was very pleased with his knowledge and professionalism. I was totally Satisfied, Thank you!   -Marino C.

My car would not start after my last stop on Saturday morning errands. I called AAA, and was told there would be an hour wait for assistance. Within 10 minutes, Dennis called to say that he was on the way. He was very professional and efficient in diagnosing the problem, replacing the battery, and getting me on my way. Most importantly, Dennis is an honest man. I mentioned that I got the old battery from a AAA service call. He asked how long I had it, and if I had the purchase receipt. I dug the receipt out of the glove box and, since the old battery was still under the extended warranty, Dennis gave me a discount off the price of the new one. His integrity and professionalism are the best advertisement your company can have!  - Rick L., Raleigh

Tracker# 434332 did a very good Job and very professional. A+    -James W.

Excellent towing service on 7-1-10 from Triangle Town Center to Firestone. I'm pressing "1" for totally satisfied.   -Debra B.

Tom came out today to take a look at my car today in Cary. I am a AAA member whose car simply would not start. Not only did he fix the problem in a professional manner, he was generous and displayed a great attitude. I'm happy to have had him rescue me!  God Bless East Coast Towing,
- Telika M.

These fellas have towed me approximately 5 times in the last year and each time they've been prompt, professional and friendly. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in the Triangle area.   -Seb

Several weeks ago, I called AAA to assist with my husband's flat tire.  This morning I needed to call on AAA again to assist with a dead battery in my car. Ronnie called to let me know he was on the way and when to expect him.  He arrived during the time period he had stated. He was courteous and professional and took care of the situation in a timely fashion.  Thanks again for rescuing the Peffley's.  We are soooo happy we have AAA.       - Donna P.

Wayne was fast, totally professional and very friendly on a very busy day. Thank you for the fine service.   -David S.

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