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Excellent and immediate service. Extremely polite and friendly. Tom introduced himself, projected confidence of accomplishing job by explaining exactly what he planned to do. He was clean cut and trustworthy. i have always had excellent service from East Coast and this visit was just as outstanding as the others. I am always thankful to have them to call in a emergency for myself or family members. - Gayle R.

My truck wouldn't start.Called and got a quick response from Tex who said he would be there in about 15 minutes. He was right on time.He checked out and jump started my truck. He also ran some tests and told my battery wasn't cranking enought amps. He said he had a new battery he could install and gave me price. He installed the battery. He was very professional and very easy to talk too. Very pleased with everything. - Robert M.

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Jonta coming to help when my car would not start. He was very professional and friendly. He put me at ease. When your car will not start, you get a little upset. I was VERY satisfied with the service from East Coast Towing and especially with Jonta.. He is a great asset to your company. Thanks to Jonta again and also to East Coast Towing... - Lee J.


Thank you for the excellent service. Also, could you let Bryson know that he left my house and went from there to my co-worker, Regeina's, house in North Raleigh! We found that out this morning when we both were carrying around the yellow contact cards and got to talking. She was very pleased with the service, as well. Small world! - Marilyn

I contacted ECT because of a flat tire and was told it would be at least a 45min response time. Craig from East Coast Towing contacted me within minutes of ending my phone call and was on site in 25min. He was so nice and I felt totally safe (which is concern for a woman that's alone). The vehicle was clean and well kept which was a positive impression for the company, and Craig was also very well groomed, so considerate and very efficient. Not at all what I was expecting, the usual responder is Grizzly Adams in tobacco stained sleaveless t-shirt driving a rusted dented tow truck showing up two hours after an initial request. Thanks Craig and East Coast Towing!! - Vanessa F.

Jonta was the most professional and courteous person. His professionalism both in his work, as well as his ability to communicate to customers represented your company extremely well. I give him the highest marks possible. You really have a strong team player with Jonta! Thanks for the help, - Matt M.

Sorry it took me so long to do this - but wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the quick & friendly service I received on 1/2/12. I was on my way to work and I was the one that was bringing breakfast, when I got a flat tire. Called East Coast Towing & before I knew it, Phillip was on the scene. He was very helpful & friendly. I was back on the road in less than 20 minutes. My staff thanks him as well, since they were able to get their breakfast. This was the best experience I have ever had with a towing company. Thanks for the excellent service! - Amy H.

Without a doubt, the best service I have ever received. Prompt, efficient, courteous and the problem resolved so that I knew what to tell the dealership to take care of the problem. Very, very pleased. Thank you! - Susan G.

I would just like to thank you for helping me get my car unlocked (left my keys in the car). I would also like to say that I was very impressed with Jon Spivey, who arrived very quickly, was very friendly, and finished the job in no time at all with no damage to my car. I very much appretiate it and as I customer, I think he should get a raise. Have a wonderful day and thank you again. - Raechel H.

I called two times on 2/20/12, once for a tow of my car which wouldn't start and once to look as my daughter's car which seemed to have a dead battery. I was totally satisfied with East Coast Towing's service and with the courteous, helpful attitude of both drivers. [I missed the automated survey call because I am out of town every Thursday when the call was scheduled to come.] - Janie H.

On March 10, 2012, in Belmont, NC, I returned to my car after a long tiring day to find the battery completely dead. I called, and Jonta from East Coast Towing responded to the call within 45 minutes. His professionalism and competence was immediately obvious and appreciated. He got the car started, further assessed the battery and those systems which might be draining the battery, educated me about the situation and what to look for and what I needed to do. He was prepared to install a new battery if that was what was needed. I am genuinely grateful to Jonta and to those who do this work. Thank you. - P.J.

My experience with East Coast Towing was fantastic. We experienced a problem on I-85 South in Charlotte and were able to get off the freeway and into the parking lot of a college. Less than five minutes, and Luke called and was there within ten minutes. He was extremely courteous and polite to my wife and I. He transported us to the car dealer where he towed our car. I would recommend East Coast Towing to anyone. - James M.

Just wanted to say how awesome Wayne was today. My classic Mustang's starter went out in the parking lot at work and I called East Coast Towing and he was there within 15 minutes with a flatbed truck. He took great care in loading the car up and took me to a great mechanic, Tommy at Mission Valley 66. After I got there I asked him if there was anyway I could get a ride back to my house a few miles away and he said no problem. Thanks for the outstanding service! - Shawn L.

We have had to call three times in a month! The point of my email is to praise Russell for his service. We were lucky enough to get Russ two of the three times we called. He is so very friendly and efficient and should be rewarded for his service and for the good name he gives East Coast Towing. - E.W.

I rushed into Wells Fargo during a thunderstorm to only come outside to find that I left my keys in my car! After calling the emergency number, I thought I had to wait at least an hour for assistance. However, to my surprise I got a call from Jeremy saying he'd be there in 10 minutes. I was very relieved. He was fast, friendly, and had me back in my car in about 10 minutes. I REALLY appreciate his help and friendly smile, especially on a rainy Monday morning! - Katrina

My daughter's car would not completely start. I thought it might be the battery, but wasn't sure, so I called East Coast Towing to check it out. The driver, Josh, called within minutes to let me know he was about 3 minutes from my house. It turned out that the car was just flooded from moving it just a short distance earlier in the day. Josh was very efficient, professional, and friendly. - Dottie M.

Last Sunday my car transmission died. Brad came to my house and towed my car to Firestone for evaluation. Before Brad left Firestone said that they did not do transmission work. Brad knew of a transmission shop near by, so towed me there. The shop was closed on Sunday. Rather than just drop off my car and leave, Brad waited around until he received another call. He said that he felt uncomfortable just leaving me there alone without my ride home waiting for me. I appreciate the extra measure of security that gave to me. The shop Brad towed me to, Cottman Transmissions, has been very helpful, and is now my new "go to" shop for all car needs. The level of service offered by this company is excellent. I was shocked when I called after hours to leave a message that I would be coming in the following morning, and the phone was answered by the Cottman family. I was told that this was all part of their service plan, that they never want their customers to feel stranded. Thank you, Brad, for your extra level of service, and your in site to put me in contact with such a fair and reputable company for my car needs. - Carol W.

I had left my keys in my car while coming back from my lunch break at work. After realizing that about an hour after returning, I had called East Coast to have them send someone to help unlock my door or retrieve my keys. The estimate time was an hour. No more then 5 minutes has passed when I had received a call from Kevin telling me he would be there in 10 minutes. If that wasn't a great thing to hear, it was even better when he arrived in about 4 minutes. Quick and fast he got to my car, it also took him about 3-5 minutes to retrieve my keys. Very helpful, very nice, and very fast. Thank you. - Jason M.

This was without a doubt the best towing experience I have ever had. Courtesy call on the way, prompt arrival, quick service, no hassles. The next time I am towed I hope it is Todd and East Coast Towing. Thanks! - Jason M.

On my way to work in the dark on 3-19-2012 my car began making a strange noise, and my steering wheel was vibrating. I knew I was in need of a tow to a Toyoto dearership. The dispatcher said it would be about 45 minutes. About 15 minutes later Russell showed up. He listened to my car troubles and assured me he would get the car towed. On the way to the dealership he talked about how great East Coast Towing Company was.He mentioned how the company groups trucks around the area so all towing issues can be handled quickly. He also mentioned all the charities the company was involved with. I thought it was quite amazing. Not your usual conversation in a tow truck. Toyota has fixed my car and I am now back on the road. - Kerry M.

When I broke down on my way to work just off the interstate on the off ramp , that was not a great place to be. I called ECT and they said it would take about 45 min before I could get a tow. No sooner than I hung up I got a call from Luke and he said he would be at my location in less than 15 min and he was. He was one of the nicest young men I have ever met. He was very courtious and considerate of my well being. He was prompt and very professional. He is a great asset to your company. If I ever have to have a tow again I hope it will be Luke . He made the best of a bad situation for me and I greatly appreaciate it and please pass this along to him. - Joe V.

Tex was a professional. When he arrived he nicely introduced himself and eagerly listened to my problem. He performed the diagnosis on my battery and Alternator. Battery need to be replaced. He gave me background on what could've caused my problem. It's great to know that when you have East Coast Towing, we are good to go with getting great service. Thank Tex for your assistance. - Gary M.

Wayne was such an amazing driver! I was stuck in Raleigh with a broke down Chevy Impala and he was willing to miss dinner with his family to take me back to Charlotte. He was kind, polite, and very helpful. It was a great trip back and I couldn't have asked for anything more! Thanks again, Wayne! - Tyler M.

My husband and I recently took a trip to Florida. We were driving back to New York when the fuel pump went on our truck. We called East Coast Towing .Wade (Rock Hill, SC) was the tow truck driver that came. From the minute he arrived, he was so kind and courteous to my entire family. My husband first thought it was the gas, so Wade took my husband to Auto Zone to try some dry gas. We tried that and the truck still wouldn't run. So Wade then towed us to the Goodyear Auto Service Center. I just wanted to write to say THANK YOU to your company for getting us back on the road. At a time when we were at our wits end and had no idea what we were going to do, it was nice to have a friendly and very helpful person come to our rescue! Respectfully, - Lynda S.

Jonta provided excellent customer service while helping replace the battery in my vehicle. He was polite, knowledgeable, and professional during the entire transaction. I appreciated his customer service and would definitely say that he did a great job in being the face of your company. - Andrew
Nick was extremely helpful and professional in repairing our badly damaged tire and getting us on our way quickly on March 7th at 5:30 pm . He followed up with phone call to make sure patch had held up to seal massive leak. His suggestion of repairing tire saved unloading overpacked trunk and getting us off I 85 asap. We particularly appreciated his kindness as we were not happy with our predicament. Give Nick a big thanks from us . - Charlotte S.

I think your driver Tommy gave excellent service. He came within the estimated time and checked the electrical system quickly. I had thought my problem was with the battery, but his check showed this was not the case. He then tried to start the truck through the solenoid. When that did not happen. He got under the truck and started it by bypassing the starter. He recommended that I drive straight home and have the starter checked out. - Richard C.

Best service ever! I ran across Tommy in Wal Mart parking lot and asked if he could help me exchange a dead battey. He assisted me in getting an exchange right there in the paking lot. I have an extremely busy week nd the time Tommy saved me is Priceless! Good for East Coast Towing! - Jeff H.

I am very please with the Service on March 12 2012 by Luke, He was prompt. professional and friendly. I bless God for your service at East Coast. - Fannie S.

Mike did a great job helping me and a co-worker find a problem with the fuel pump on her van. He deserves a bonus. - Chad
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