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Hey, my job precludes me from having any online presence (yes, I know it's wierd, and no, it's not government, or even that important/well paying a job) so I didn't take the time to create accounts on yahoo/google/insider pages in order to create a review. However, you DO have permission to reprint what I type here assuming you only use my first name PLEASE. Fantastic service from Phillip Settle today. He corrected a very bad installation of my battery from Auto Zone and took time to actually inform me how/what was done incorrectly and proper installation. He even tested my car to let me know newly installed 
alternator was working just fine, took time to start my car 3 times to show me I was as good as new, properly greased connectors to prevent future corrosion. WOW. Obviously does his job well, but also just seems to give a damn, which is nice as we are all rushed these days. Again, very thankful!!! - Paul D.

I was extremely please that we were able to get the battery check and replaced within an hour and half. Tom was very courteous and explained the procedure and tested the battery and determined that there was bad cell. After checking the battery type that was recommended he had check those on the truck, and had the correct one. We were able to determine the date of installation and checked with the Repair Center in Cary and their records showed we had received a free replacement in 2010; so the new battery was pro rated from 2008. The process went great and would be very pleased to recommend Tom and East Coast Towing in the future. Many Thanks for getting us back on the road. - Brian S.

I usually do not pick up my phone unless I know who it is- so not sure I would be able to do survey by phone.  I just wanted to let you know Jay did a wonderful job...total satisfaction so far. I priced getting a battery earlier in the day and your prices are also very reasonable for the exceptional quality provided for my new battery and installation. Thanks! - Liza S.

I accidently locked my keys in the car while at work. I didn't realize this until I was ready to leave for an doctor's appointment. When I called the lady told me it would be 35 minutes before someone could arrive in my area. It had only been less than 5 minutes when the East Coat Towing truck drove up. The door was unlocked in 30 seconds! He was totally awesome! Thanks East Coast Towing for such great service! - Carol B.

What a great experience. Johnathon explained everything he was doing and made sure that I didn't have any questions. This was the best towing experience I have had. Please let Johnathan know that he did an exceptional job and that I really appreciated his extra effort!!!!!!! - David P.

Phillip got my car started this morning when the battery failed. He was very nice, got to my house quickly and took care of the problem quickly. He also gave me some recommendations for fixing the problem long-term, and gave me the print out from the battery testing machine to show my mechanic. I would highly recommend his services. Thank you. - A. L.

Your company helped me on May 18, 2012 for my 'flat tire' assistance. I would like to totally praise your company rep, Rich. He was extremely prompt, professional and courteous. Not only did he do any outstanding job removing my tire from the car and replacing it with a spare, I also learned a great deal from him regarding removing lug nuts, how to change the tire without messing up one's back/shoulders. This was a greatly appreciated learning experience for me and I've never been this satified with any service I have received on my car. I was more than 'totally satisfied' with his service and wish to commend him for an outstanding job~ and to be sure my written praise is brought to the attention of his superiors.. He was fantastic and if I ever have 'tire issues, etc., again I hope he is the one to service this automobile. - Mary P.

I AM VERY IMPRESSED WITH THIS GUY, YOUR SERVICE AND YOUR COMPANY. Jonta' called my house within 5 minutes and showed up within 20 minutes. This young man has a great attitude and total dedication and commitment towards his work. He explained to me what he was doing every step of the way. My battery needed to be replaced and the person before him could not help me because he did not have the right tools. Jonta' took the time and very patiently replaced the battery in a highly competent way.He also gave my wife a home remedy for corrosion. He had the paperwork ready and in order before he started the work.Job well done......extremely pleased..!! Your company should be proud of employees like Jonta'. Keep up the good work guys! - Yusuf J.

OK, my battery was dead, entirely my fault, should have changed it out sooner. I called East Coast Towing to come to my rescue. The response person arrived precisely on time as estimated, he cheerfully introduced himself, patiently listened to my amateur description of my dilemma and immediately jumped into the repair. I quietly but intently watched as he cleaned my negative battery post (it was corroded), reconnected the leads, brought out an impressive array of complicated-looking but highly portable diagnostic computer device, checked the battery, the alternator and starter. After the thorough but expedited analysis he presented me with a printout and explained each detail so even I, a non-mechanical novice, could understand what each section of the test was telling me. Within a short time he completed his work, my car was running and we were all back on the road. The next day I immediately purchased a new battery (also his recommendation to me) and all is now right with the world. Thank you Sean and East Coast Towing. - Jack F.

I just want to thank Nick for responding so quickly when I was locked out of my car Mother's Day. Nick was there in 20 minutes and had my car open in less than 5 minutes! He was extremely nice and I was very impressed with his professionalism. Thanks so much! You made my day Nick! - Nanette L.

Luke has personality; he called me within 10 mintues after my call to ECT. He arrived within the 15-20 time frame he had given me. Upon arrival, he went right to fixing my problem, which was a dead car battery. He tested other electrical aspect of my car which was in good order. I was reluctant to purchase another battery due to poor past performance of these batteries; however Luke explained to me that my driving habits may be one of the causes of my battery performance. Being retired, I very seldom drive my car, therefore not giving my battery the opportunity recharge during the drive time and the frequency of my drive time; at any rate he was making sense to me and I purchased the battery from him. In addition, Luke represented the company very well in appearence and performance, as well as indicating to me the company and the owner of the company was out to be the best, ahead of the rest. I wish him and the company best wishes. - James W.

My car would not start in the packing lot of a Cary restaurant. Within 10 min.of my call to East Coast Towing I received a call to let me know someone was on the way (very reassuring to receive confirmation that help is only a few mins. away). Less than 10 mins later Roy drove up. He approached us in a very friendly , courteous, and reassuring way. I explained the problem and he explained what he was going to do. With the analysis completed, he said everything checked out OK but the car still would not start. Now this is where Roy is worth his weight in gold. He reached into his bag of experience, asked for my keys: pressed the lock and open buttons a few times, put the key in the ignition and the car started. Thank you Roy for going the extra mile and trying something I'm sure is not in the manual. Roy personifies "Great Customer Service". - John P.

I received my at-home service today to replace my battery with a new one. The two guys that showed up were great. Timely response, great service as well with good recommendations going forward. You guys at East Coast towing are great! I almost want to have my car break down again. - Grant S.

First of all, I would like to thank East Coast Towing. Yesterday I wast stranded in Fort Mill in the pouring rain. Although it was a 45 minute wait when Wes finally came he was awesome!!! Not only was he efficient, fast and proffessional but downright nice. He quickly evaluated my situation (in torrential rainstorm) with different tests and identified the problem. Not only did he educate me in my own car troubles, but went above and beyond making sure I would felt secure and safe in his truck and by dropping me home then taking my car to the suggested shop close by, which I had no idea existed. Thank you, thank you & thanks again. And Oh he was dead on point with the diagnois (which was confirmed this morning by the shop) '' Wes IS THE BEST'' - Sincerly, - Marina D.

Luke was out on another call, we spotted him and asked him to help. He was fast, knowlegable, effective and very nice to talk to; in other words, a credit to your organization. We love, and will use East Coast Towing in the future (hope we won't need to). Thanks for the good, professional work. - Phil P.

Again, East Coast Towing came to our rescue!! Russell was there within 20 mins of my call. The 
friend I was with had a flat tire.......Russell changed the tire, gave her some very good advice about the condition of the tire and sent her in the right direction concerning tire safety. Sometimes us single ladies need the advice of a man!!! lol Thanks - Kathy P.

I was locked out of my vehicle and had an important appointment. Philip showed up and did an incredible, quick job with no damage to my vehicle. He was courteous, professional and most importantly prompt. Thanks so much Philip, great job! - Angie F.

I got excellence service on 4/28/2012. My battery had gone dead because my back lights on my car would not turn off. Your service man got my battery working and found the trouble why my lights would not go out. Thank you again for good service. - Linda G.

Russell gave me a call when he was in route to my home allowing me time to get to my vehicle. When Russel arrived he asked me about the problem I was having with my vehicle then offerred to jump start my battery to see if that would getmy vechicle started.. It didn't so he towed my vehicle. I liked to way the he took care to ensure that my vehicle was not scaping the pavement as he lifted my vechicle on the truck bed. Overall, I was very happy with his treatment of my car and his attitude. Great Job. Thanks. - Ray R.

Fast service. We were at a Festival in Fort Mill, S.C. and had a flat. Jonta found us and our car among hundreds and promptly changed the tire. Very friendly and glad to help us out. Thank you Jonta.. and ECT...for excellent service! - Cherie S.

I have used Eastcoast towing many times. Everyone of your employees who has responded on the different occasions has been professional,customer service oriented, and very knowledgeable. Their others would all be proud! Their attire as well has been professional, well groomed. - Jean

Jeremy was amazing! He went beyond expectations in many ways...
1) Jeremy was knowledgeble and obviously well traing
2) Jeremy was prompt. He arrived slightly before he estimated.
3) Jeremy was a good communicator. He explained the process to evaluate and then the expected completion time after   the diagnosis.
4) Jeremy was mannerly. He was respectful and friendly. Any time you need a testimonial, we are happy to share our experience! - Donna M.
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