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Ron jump started my battery October 13, 2010. He was warm and professional--an unlikely, but very welcoming combination. He was efficient. I give East Coast Towing a "1" for totally satisfied. I have been out of town from October 14 until today and apologize that my feedback has taken so long. Keep up the great work and thank you for your help. It may be your job, but you made it seem more like helping a friend and I am grateful. - Giselle G.

I just wanted to let you know that Matthew was prompt, courteous, and professional.  He arrived on time and handled my truck with great care.  I was very pleased with the service Matthew provided on behalf of East Coast Towing.  - Ivan G.

Russel was very helpful and informative in changing my tire. Glad he was able to help me and in a good mood as well. Thanks a bunch. - Paul M.

Jeff was awesome today.. locked my keys in the car and he did not laugh once at me.. he got there in record time..thought i would have to wait 45 min to 1 hr but he called and said he would be there in 15 minutes and he WAS!!!  thanks so much Jeff!!! - Beth W.

Hey,  I just want to say that the service I received today was beyond exceptional.  Jeff arrived about 10 minutes after I called in.  He could not have been any nicer.  He actually made a double blowout well, not so bad. Thanks for the great, quick service.  I will recommend you to all my friends. - Joan D. 
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Craig picked up my automobile yesterday afternoon.  He greeted me with respect and concern after arriving approximately 25 minutes before dispatch said I could expect him. Because of the construction of the apartment homes in the community, the streets are not wide, and Mr. Perkins parked accordingly, not wanting to block anyone.  He carefully and methodically secured my automobile on his truck and left. I had a terrible experience with East Coast before when I called to have a tire change and the insensitive person threw my goods back in my truck in any kind of fashion.  Thanks for sending a gentleman of kindness with good work ethics willing to please the customer.  Thanks for selecting him to serve me. - Pamela K.

East Coast Towing was extremely quick and efficient when responding to my call for assistance.  My car had 'died' in the middle of Capital Blvd., an extremely busy highway in Raleigh, NC.  I was able to get it restarted long enough to coast it over to the shoulder of the on-ramp to I-540. 10 minutes later my car was on its way to the repair shop with me and my son being safely transported in the clean and comfortable cab of the tow truck.  Joey and East Coast Towing deserve my rating of '1' for Totally Satisfied.  - Dee P.

Excellent service!! I called because my truck wouldn't start, the lady said the wait time was between 1 to 81 minutes. I walked down the street to go shopping at another store and saw Josh in the parking lot assisting a motorist with battery problems. I walked up to Josh and told him I just called and asked him to checkout my truck, across the street. He said "Yes" - in less than 10 minutes he was taking me back to my truck. It wasn't the battery, something with the gear shift - Josh new immediately what the problem was and told me what to do if it every happened again (in less than 3 minutes, my truck was running).  Josh, thank you so much for your help and being so friendly!!!  - Avis L.

Josh came to jump start my car, which was inside our garage, parked with the battery as far away from reach as possible.  After assessing the status of the battery strength (very weak), he attempted to start my car with a portable devise, to no avail.  He then carefully positioned his truck, with challenging manuvering, partially inside our garage, where he could then use cables hooked to his truck to start my car.  He was especially careful not to scratch my car and worked with skill and confidence.  After just a few minutes, Josh had my car running and then advised me on how to best recharge the battery fully.  The entire experience was positive.   Josh called to give me his ETA, he was there on time and quickly and competently completed the necessary steps to get my car running.  I was Totally Satisfied with the service I received.  - Susan T.

Thanks for your excellent service. Josh was prompt, polite and did a great job getting into my car after I locked the keys inside. I was concerned that a 'break in' would cause damage, but there was absolutely none. - Elizabeth E.

Hi, I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to meet Donnie.  He did a great job at arriving quickly and fixing the problem (dead battery)  He got the car going in a matter of a few minutes and I was back on the road in no time.  And might I say that he was there with in 15 minutes after I called.  Thanks again for helping and thinking of my 3 grandchildren too.  I was Totally satisfied more then you know.  - DeLoris T., Raleigh, NC

Just wanted to echo the positive comments I've seen on your site.  Greg was extremely timely, helpful and professional in helping me get my car unlocked. His customer service, professionalism and friendly attitude should be the model for all businesses. I will be using your service exclusively whenever possible and will highly recommend to all my clients and friends. - Mike S.

Russ was great;  he really helped us out and put our minds at ease while offering several options as to what to do about our dead battery.  He was very knowledgeable. I was concerned that it might be the alternator but Russ did a very thorough and professional test and determined it wasn't.   - Al Q.

Tom was prompt, informative, and had great problem solving skills. He was able to be thorough and efficient. Thanks, Tom for letting me get on with my day!  - Monique R.

I normally do not fill out surveys unless they are nasty grams. Well, after today, I just wanted to change this.  Today Donnie provided great customer service. Just left Church and my car broke down. They were fast and provided great service. Keep up the good work. - David L.

Michael was extremely helpful and courteous.  He made a stressful process very easy and even turned the key in for me at the service station drop box (so I did not have to drive there myself.)  I talked to the service station today and they said the car arrived safe and sound. Thanks so much! - Megan L.

Great service the other night. My driver, Curtis, was quick to arrive and quick to get my car secured. He was also very polite and professional and couldn't have made things gone easier or smoother. Thanks for the great service!  - Dave N.

What a great experience!  I work in Durham and My wife's vehicle had broken in the parking lot at a grocery store in Raleigh.  I called in on the way to meet my wife. It took me 20 minutes to get to where my wife was and Wayne was already there loading the vehicle on the truck.  Thank you Wayne.  - Mark W.

Unbeliveable service!! Great service. Best service I have ever received. Brad arrived 21 minutes after the call to ECT. Tire was changed in 10 minutes. Very professional. Will keep East Coast Towing business card in my vehicle for future needs. Will also refer East Coast Towing to family and friends. Thanks. - Joseph N.

Greg did a great job, efficient, friendly and quick. he got me going.  I also had a pleasant experience with one of your guys about 2 months ago, I ran out of gas quite stupidly with my 2 year old in the car. I do not remember the drivers name, but i do want to give him equally positive comments. i did not respond to the survey at the time, and have regretted that, didn't know how to correct until this morning. thanks. - Kip M.

Thank you for coming so quickly to change my tire!  In less than the time estimated, Josh was there.  He was polite, quick, and eager to help in any way he could.  He took time to explain what to avoid when driving on my spare tire, and was very pleasant!  I was a little embarrassed that I didn't try to change it myself first, but he reassured me that it was fine.  Thanks for taking great care of me!  I hope not to need you again, but I wouldn't hesitate to call if I did. - Melissa T.

Fast, Friendly, Informative, Excellent and professional service is what I experienced today with Jeff.  He was sent by East Coast Towing and I am thoroughly impressed with ECT and the service technician, Jeff, who jump started and assessed the condition of my battery. I was very worried it would be something worse. He referred me to a car care facility to get it recharged and let me know that the battery is in good condition.  It was a load off my mind.  I remember this towing company assisted me many years ago and I was also very pleased with the service provided, and that is why I remembered the name of the towing service that was assigned to help me today.  The quality of their service has only changed in the sense that IT HAS GOTTEN even BETTER....Thanks!!!!  - Elia F.

Josh arrived very quickly, was kind, and explained exactly what he was doing with my car. MY issue was that aaa had previously given me an incorrect battery, so I was already quite upset! Josh helped me to understand exactly what I needed to do and even provided me with directions to where I needed to go!  Excellent employee, please thank him again for me!  - Nicole C., Wake Forest, NC

I had a wonderful experience having my car towed by East Coast Towing. They were extremely fast on attending to my call  It was early in the morning and the guys were just wonderful with their service! They dropped off my car at the shop and everything. I'm extremely pleased with ECT services! - Renata N.

Thomas was great! He came to check what I thought was a dead battery. It turned out to be a problem with the alternator. He not only called for a tow, he waited with me until the tow truck arrived! Thanks again for your outstanding service!! - Karina T.

I would like to thank East Coast Towing and especially driver Wayne for the terrific service.  My car's breakdown was not exactly in a safe place.  Wayne had me get out of my car and into the cab of the tow truck right away.  He then pushed my car out of traffic so he could put it on his truck. Wayne drove to the service station that I usually use. When it was determined that if it was the transmission they would not be able to work on it, Wayne took my car and myself to the Jeep dealership. I was somewhat shook up by the breakdown and Wayne was courteous and very helpful. Thanks, - Linda M., Raleigh, NC

We had a great experience with Brad today! We left the keys in our car with no spare key available, called for help, and within minutes we got a call from East Coast Towing saying they were on their way. Brad got the car opened quickly and was very friendly. Great job! - Joy D.

Kudos goes out to Craig. I could not get my car cranked. Craig assisted me with getting my car cranked. He informed me that the battery was bad. Craig had a positive attitude and was a great help! I was totally satisfied with his service.  - Valeria O.

I normally don't respond to things like this, however my driver on this day was great. He showed up in a quick manner and was very proficient in loading up my vehicle and getting it to the body shop. I also appreciated the conversation as too I wasn't really in a good mood. I would advise anyone needing tow assistance to use these guys. Very professional and hopefully their entire crew are all the same. - Caprano M.

Greg was awesome! He acted like it was his complete pleasure to come and help get my lifeless car started again. He quickly charged the battery and the car cranked right up. He didn't take off though...he stayed to help me check out the source of the dead battery, which was a broken brake pad leaving a gap between the brake pedal and brake light switch (meaning my brake light had stayed on constantly and sucked the battery dead). I was blown away by Greg's kindness and friendliness. Truly not what you expect when you have to call and request a tow or jump start. Wow! Keep up the great work! - Dave H.

I had a flat tire while on vacation a few months ago and called East Coast Towing.  They sent out Michael to take of it.  The service was the best I've ever seen.  Michael was very polite and very informative about the Raleigh area.  The service was very quick and we were able to continue with our trip.  Thank you Michael for your help!!! - Megan T.

I am totally satisfied with my lockout experience with East Coast Towing. The driver was arrived earlier than expected, was courteous and quick. I also appreciated the phone call telling me his status. - Gary H.

Driver was very courteous and helpful.  Hope it's the same driver when I need a tow again.  Drove straight to location on New Bern and took care of a very sticky situation with my car.  Also, when car was backing down he turned the wheel to make sure there was enough gap to not hit the bottom of my BMW.  I think another Raleigh tow company let it hit when I used them.  Never again, East Coast towing customer for life. - Erik B., Cary, NC

Donnie just towed our vehicle for us, and his service was awesome. He arrived very quickly, carefully loaded our vehicle, and was very nice to deal with. If we ever need a vehicle towed again, I hope Donnie will be available!  - Michelle N.

Thanks a bunch!  Donnie was super great!  He arrived promptly and was concerned and attentive.  He towed away my vehicle and gave me a ride to my residence after my unfortunate car accident.  I really appreciate the great service he provided.  I will definately refer his service to friends and family in need.  - Mincey, S.

CJ responed within 10 minutes of calling in.  He arrived and finished replacing the tire in less then an hour.  I was very impressed with the speedy repair. Thank you, - Jamie P.

I locked my keys in my car for the first time in my lire.  I called East Coast to send assistance.  They told me the estimated wait was 50 minutes.  Tom called about 25 minutes later and had me back in my car in less than the estimated time.  He treated me professionally and I was thrilled with the service.  I recommend East Coast to all of my friends.  Thank you so much for making what could have been a miserable experience, a good one.  - Stacey M.

Wayne helped me out today. He was friendly, patient, and professional. I was not surprised...that's the service I've gotten every single time I've dealt with East Coast over the years. - Marianne P.

Service was great.  He arrived sooner than expected and only took a few minutes to get me going.  He also checked a few other things to make sure I would be ok..If i need a towing service in the future, I would feel confident with this one.  Thanks.  - Audrey R.

Russell was a lifesaver.  I had just gotten off work and had a blowout on I-40 near Cary.  I want to thank him for being so prompt, curteous, and friendly.  He changed my flat tire in no time and I was soon on my way home.  I was totally satisfied with his service.  When raise time comes, he deserves a good one.  Thank you so much.  - Leah T., Sanford, NC

I am not the type to give a testimonial, but I had to  make an exception for Matthew. He was prompt and he patiently explained what I needed to do to get my car back on the road. Lastly, he made a situation which was very stressful for me much better with his upbeat, professional manner. My friend who was with me even took one of his business cards - we were both impressed! Thanks - Carolyn H.

I was very happy to see Josh and his truck last when I had my battery dies last month.  It was the coldest day of the year,and I was almost frozen when I called.  The fact that I was told it would be another 2 hours did not make me happy, so I was surprised when the driver showed after only 1/2 hour,  and got me going. Driver was very profesional, and did more than I expected.  Thank you very much. - Howard W.

Just wanted to let you know what a great job CJ did for me yesterday.  He called to let me know when he would arrive and then showed up earlier than expected.  He was friendly from the start and took the time to explain what he was doing as he quickly took care of my car. It was unfortunate that I needed your assistance but CJ's great attitude made for a pleasant rescue experience. - Scott M.

Tom called and said he was en route within 10 minutes of my call, and he arrived promptly when he said he would.  I appreciate the thorough job he did in replacing our battery and checking out the entire charging system. Excellent job Tom, thanks! - Mike T.

Excellent service from Jeff, due to my battery being fully drained his suggestion was to have it charged at a local shop in which I will. - Ivan H.

When Wayne came to my house to tow my 1990 Jeep Grand Wagoneer I felt he would take good care of my old jeep.  I felt he treated it as if it were his vehicle!!!! thanks Wayne  - John K.

I wanted to just express how pleased I was with the service I received today. My car unexpectedly stopped working, and CJ was there to help in no time. He arrived after only 10 minutes, when I was originally quoted 45 minutes. He then proceeded to look at my car before towing it to see if there was anything he could do on site. It worked, and he fixed my car without having it towed. This saved me so much time and money that I can not thank him and East Coast Towing enough. CJ was amazing, very personable, and friendly.  - Danielle T.

I appreciated the fact that Pat waited for me while I dropped off a child at school. He was very helpful and friendly. He took care of the paperwork quickly so I could be on my way. A+ - Bob S.

I was well pleased with the response time in which Thomas called me to inform me that he would be there to assist me. He arrived promptly and got the job completed in a manner of minutes. He was extremely friendly and courteous. Thomas you are #1.  - Hallie C.

Tom responded to my emergency call last Sunday morning when I had a flat tire at Rex Hospital. I appreciate how quick he arrived and his courtesy and professionalism.  The next time I need roadside assistance, I hope he is the one to respond. Thanks! - Teresa B.

Motorcycle towed safely and expeditiously. Tow truck with special carriage fit for Motorcycle towing. Very professional service. - JP B.

Matthew was not only earlier than he said he would be at my location but very professional and polite. Mathew is an important asset to your company. Thank you Matthew! - Alex G.

I have been looking for the card that Matthew gave me with my tracking number on it. I haven't been able to find it but figured I'd come on the website to see if I could still find an opportunity to brag about Matthew's customer service skills. Matthew was patient, kind, and one of the most friendly people I've met since I moved to this area. If I need further assistance, I know who to call. Matthew at East Coast Towing...makes me proud to call Cary home! Thanks so much. - Telika M.

My service was great! Ryan arrived less than 15 minutes after I placed the call. My tire was changed in no time flat (no pun intended!). I appreciate the fast professional service. Thank you. - Colleen A.

Just wanted to let you know that I am highly - totally satisfied with your services!  Thomas arrived early and called first, as expected, which made things very easy for me since I was at work when needing assistance.  In addition, he was very kind, pleasant, polite, knew exactly what he was doing, and I would highly recommend your services.  Thank you, very much, for your commitment to excellence! - Donna G.

Last night, 11/17, Matt came to help me at Knightdale High School parking lot. I had a flat and the rim was rusted to the hub. He really went the extra mile to get my wheel off of the drum. Matt was in working until we got the flat off and mounted the "donut" spare tire.  - Michael D., Raleigh, NC

Tom provided an exceptional level of service.  He arrived within the time frame quoted.  He solved my problem the way I wanted him to do it. He was extremely pleasant and he finished the job quickly. - Aliza B.

Thank you so much Russell and East Coast Towing.  On a very busy day with too much on my mind, I accidently locked my keys in my car.  I called East Coast Towing and within no time Russell was calling me on my cell phone to let me know what to expect.  He arrived so much sooner than I expected and had such a wonderful reassuring personality that it made feel relaxed and turned what was a stressful situation for me (locking my keys in my car!) to one that turned me around an put me in a postive mood.  Thank you Russell! - Lita F.

Jon helped to make my day.  Car problems are stressfull enough especially when you're expecting the worse. Jon rolled up with a smile on his face and immediately said "good morning" with such enthusiasm that I couldn't help but smile.  He was friendly, funny and still took care of business.  By the time we arrived at the destination, my whole attitude had changed. Because of his positive up lifting attitude, I really felt that whatever was wrong with the car, it wasn't the end of the world and things would still be ok.  I'm sure his demeanor carries over into other aspects of his life.  I just want to say "thanks Jon" for keeping what started as a stressful day, from spiraling down hill. Sometimes we just don't know how something that we think is so small can make the biggest difference in someone else's day.   - Rhonda R.

Josh came to help with a dead battery. He was prompt, professional, and solved our problem. We just want  you to know that he provided superb service and we would recommend East Coast Towing to anyone. Josh was great! - Emily C.

I have never had to use the roadside assistance until today.  After the initial call I wondered how this ordeal would play out. I've never been so surprised at the promptness and courtesy of your services.  Brad was there in a reasonable time, checked out the car, and had towed the car to my preferred mechanic in a relative short amount of time.  Thanks to Brad for a job well done. - Ricky H.

Ryan phoned to let us know he was within 10 minutes of arriving.  He was exactly correct with his time estimate.  He was very pleasant when he arrived and answered all of our questions.  He was very courteous and very professional.  It took only a few minutes to get the car on the truck and he was on his way.  We were not delayed at all.  - Joan N.

Michael was extremely helpful when I needed a tow recently. Boy, can he ever back a towed truck into a small space! - Penny Y.

CJ is certainly an expert. He assessed the situation, assured us that he had things under control and had a resolution in minutes. Great customer service attitude, too! Thanks so much! - Marion B.

Russell proved that locking your keys in your car can be a pleasent experience. It's a sinking feeling when you shut the door realizing at the last second your keys are in there. A quick call to East Coast and before I knew it Russell showed up and had my car unlocked in seconds. Really, seconds. He arrived exactly when he said he would. Was professional yet had a sense of humor. He made what is often a frusrating experience into a good memory and a fun story to share with friends. Thanks agian, I do appreciate it. - Steve S.

Donnie showed up right on time and offered to take a look at my car rather than towing it to a service center immediately.  He was able to diagnose a possible problem and make a suggestion on how I could try to fix it myself.  He mentioned that if the quick fix didn't work, the problem would need to be repaired by a trained mechanic -- but I appreciated the fact that he offered me the opportunity to fix the problem myself rather than just assuming the car needed to be towed.  He was knowledgable, professional, and courteous. - Elizabeth N.

Joey was my second tow-truck call of the day, and he arrived on time.  Since I knew my car would definitely need to be repaired by a mechanic at that point, he quickly hooked up the car and towed it away.  He was very professional and courteous.  Thank you East Coast for sending two great drivers on the same day! - Elizabeth N.

The driver did a great job for me changing a flat tire in my garage.  He was very polite and helpful and responded to my call within 10 minutes.  Pretty good service I'd say.  And great service is a rare commodity these days. Thank you so much for a job well done. - Dawn K.

I just wanted to send a big thank you for such wonderful service. Ricky arrived sooner than I expected and was a complete ray of sunshine. He was cheerful, courteous and had me back on my way in a matter of minutes. Thank you so much for the bright spot in my day! - Kim J. 

I called to request tow service, and Donnie called me promptly to let me know that he would be on his way to assist. He was timely in his arrival, and expertly proficient in his service. Over the phone and in person he was very polite and personable. His service as made an East Coast customer out of me from this point further, and I will be recommending your company to anyone else I know in need of your services. You set a very high standard for anyone else to follow! - Paul O., Wake Forest, NC

We drove from Michigan to met our daughter in Raleigh were she was taking a one day class.  Raleigh is 4 hours from her house and a day away from our home.  We drove down the older truck rather then our newer car because we had to pick up a dune buggy body for one of the grandkids in Michigan. We joked about our staying at the Marriott and driving our old truck.  On Friday while our daughter took her state exam for her job we enjoyed Raleigh in the old pickup. Stop and started. Drove all over. We met back at the Marriott in the evening to head to our daughter's when the truck wouldn't start.  We had drove it all day and it was fine.  Yet the truck died! My husband was freaking out.  He is a good mechanic and totally called it as the fuel pump after repeated tries to get it started.   The tow truck guy was there quicker then we could have dreamed, he was professional, personable and reassuring.  My husband went from panic to just annoying.  We spent another night at the Marriott, the truck was fixed the next day and we were on our way.  We were totally satisfied.  The driver of the truck is truly an asset to you company.  Sincerely, Beth P.

I wanted to take a minute to than Wayne for the great job he did moving my 34 Street rod. He treated it like it was his personal car and that means a lot to a car lover like myself. I will be using your comapny in the future and keep up the great work. Wayne asked that I send a photo of the car but the website will not allow me to attach a photo. Have Wayne shoot me an email and I will send him one directly. Thanks again and keep up the great work. - Greg C., Raleigh, NC

I just wanted to let you all know that you all were very fast. I was told it would be about 35 mins, Josh contacted me 2 mins later and arrived 1 min later. Josh was able to help me within in mins. He was very professional and courteous. Thank you so much Josh. - Brittany R.

Michael was amazing.  He called ahead, showed up earlier than expected, made me feel super comfortable and safe (and I have been in a situation before with another towing company that made me feel very uncomfortable, so what a relief it was to have Micheal show up!. He explained everything,fixed my car, gave me great advice, did not try to over exxagerate the problem, and made sure I was able to get home safely. My family and I will be calling East Coast Towing form now on.  Absolutely! PLEASE give him a big bonus!! Thank You so much for hiring such a dedicated employee! - Megan G.

Thank you for your prompt service.  About 25 minutes after we made the call, Josh arrived.  He was very efficient, and he even gave us a computer generated report.  Not only is our car running, We are confident that this was an isolated incident and that the care doesn't require additional car/engine servicing.  To make matters even better, Josh was incredibly polite.  Thank you Josh and ECT!! - Todd C.

Thomas arrived promptly, within less than thirty minutes after I reported that my car would not start in my driveway. He quickly and efficiently diagnosed the problem and had my car running within minutes. I appreciate his integrity, as he explained my options clearly and objectively. He is a professional, in the truest sense of that word. - Keith G.

I had a flat tire and Russ came to my rescue. We found a small staple in the tire but he felt that it may not be the cause of my flat so he advised me to take it to a service station that could further diagnose the problem. I did and found that he was correct and the staple was not the problem. I trully appreciated his help and advice. Thanks! - Pam S., Raleigh, NC

Jeff was wonderful.  He arrived in a timely fashion, was efficient, polite and knew what he was doing. I've never had a better experience with someone responding to Triple A. - Linda R.

Greg arrived at my home 15 minutes after he received the call. When Greg arrived he immediately checked the status of my battery and the alternator and then proceeded to jump start the 1995 Buick Roadmaster. He indicated to me that I should let the car run at least 10 minutes before shutting it down and that I would be okay leaving and going to the grocery store. He was well dressed and well spoken and is a credit to your organization. It was a pleasure working with him on this situation. - Jack A.

Donnie called 15 minutes ahead of time to advise he was on the way. He was on-time, very efficient and knowledgeable, and, perhaps most important, very friendly. In my business, I supervise 13 people. If Mr. Stewart applied for a position with my company, I would hire him in an instant. He is a great representative and asset of your business.  thank you.  - Curt E.

Thomas replaced my battery and I was on my way in less than 30 minutes.  I feel very scure knowing that ECT will take care of any car trouble I have by sending such competent and professional mechanics. THanks so very much! - Mary H.

I experienced car trouble with my other vehicle today, as I attempted to go home from my last stop. When Jamie arrived, not only did he start the car, but it ran smoothly. I could have driven home at that point, especially since I was three miles away, but Jamie smelled antifreeze and didn't like where the temperature gauge was. He felt it safer to tow and I concurred, as he is the professional. I really appreciate the fact that he cared more about my personal safety than just "doing his job." I salute East Coast Towing for the great service they provide. You have a loyal, enduring customer for years to come. - Gisele G.

Matthew was terrific. Very pleasant, very nice, very sociable. Just a very pleasant gentleman. I was totally satisfied with his communication with me and how he conducted himself at my house. Totally professional. He should be commended for his work effort and attitude. - Ken S.

Jeff was great, on a very cold night, he was very patient in unlocking my door, even though the alarm kept going off.  Nice to see a  pleasant tow truck/rescue driver!! Thank you!! - Susan L.

What a great guy and friendly, competent, efficient service! What could have been a stressful situation was only inconvenient, thanks to thomas who arrived in less than a half hour and quickly took care of getting my vehicle running again. I appreciate that he checked my starter and alternator, as well as my battery.  Thomas not only charged the battery for me, he also cleaned the terminal heads and sprayed them with something to retard future build-up. I don't live in raleigh where thomas came to service my vehicle so satisfactorily, but if i ever get "stranded" again, i hope ECT sends him or someone "cut from the same cloth," to help me out. - Beverly M.

You saved us in Cary today, my battery would've died for sure. Thanks to you Donald we make it back home, you're #1. - Margarita B., Cary NC

Donnie is excelent!  He carefully loaded the car even though it died immediately after starting.  (Last night it wouldn't even start!)  He voluntarily called to tell me he had gotten the car to Henry's C.A.R. and dropped the key in the key drop.  Thank you Donnie! - Richard H., Raleigh NC

Totally satisfied. He knew the type of car and what was likely wrong before he saw the car. Very courteous and professional service - strange thing wrong that would probably never happen again - or might happen tomorrow. Told me what to do if it did recur. Thank you very much! - David G.

Jeff was very prompt in calling to confirm my location and his ETA which he met even earlier than expected. He was very kind and courteous and on top of solving my problem which was a dead battery. In no time, my car was running and what started as a saddening experience, ended in a great one given the professionalism displayed by Jeff. I hope you have more of him! His service was outstanding. Thanks much East Coast Towing!  - Yolanda R.

Thanks to Greg for cheerfully coming and jump-starting and testing my battery after two months out of town had left it drained. He answered my neophyte questions about cars as the battery charged up and we had a great, relaxed chat in the middle of what could have otherwise been a stressful situation. Greg, you made my day. - Mel C.

Hello, This something we never due leaving feed back but, I wanted to thank you for your fine service helping my wife on I40 by Gorman St today 11/29 your staff was very professsional during a very scary situation its nice to see service like that. Hats off and we will refer you to anyone, Tom!  - Jennifer V.

I had a screw in my right rear tire this morning and was very pleased that East Coast arrived in such a timely manner.  Thomas was the representative who serviced my car and I was on my way in no time after he assessed the damage to my tire. Thomas was very professional and I am thankful you have such reliable people to serve the public.  Thomas deserves a raise!! Thanks again. - Judi H.

Thank you Jeff!!!  I was very nervous about having my classic car towed to the shop but not only did Jeff arrive within 30 minutes, he was polite, professional and treated my "baby" with the kid gloves that put my nerves right at ease.  I will definitely call Jeff again for my towing needs!  Thank you again for outstanding customer service :) - Anita H.

This is my first time using East Coast Towing. I am very satisfied.  Marcus came to my rescue within less than the time I expected.  He shared everything he was doing every step of the way.  I was not intimidated by him and felt very comfortable with him.  He did an "OUTSTANDING" job and is a definite asset to your company.  I now have a new battery (which he had on his truck) and am very happy each time I have cranked my car!!!  Thanks again to Marcus and his help.  - Janet B.

Tom called ahead to tell me when he would be here to help with my dead car battery and I didn't wait long at all - he got right to work and was gone just as quickly!! Very professional and helpful - even re-set my radio for me! - Rhonda M.

Fast, courteous, and I was amazed that I could get a new battery while parked in my driveway! Thanks for getting me up and running and saving me a long day at the dealership. - Carole M.

Wanted you to know that Matthew did an excellent job!  He called me with his ETA, got my SUV loaded quickly and with care, got me to the drop site promptly and with great conversation along the way.  He is a great asset to your company! I have 3 children away at school and a wife and I would feel very, very comfortable having a professional like Matthew helping them out on the road if they were stranded.  You folks have earned my trust....again! Great job! - John S.

I had to have my car towed twice in November when it broke down in the middle of an intersection then later had to be towed to a mechanic. Shane was my driver both times and his service, speed and professionalism were exceptional, especially in a stressful situation. I have dealt with towing companies in the past, but Shane's service has ensured that I will only call East Coast towing for any future needs! - Kim G.
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