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Moses did great job in towing my son's car during a rainy night.  He provided an ETA and arrived on time.  He had a great attitude. We truly appreciate his service to us.
- Bruce C.

Wonderful service, wonderful disposition, friendly, on time and helpful. Wayne rocks! - Clitha M.

I am totally Satisfied with the service Josh (and Dan, who was in training), gave us. They called and gave me a time that they would show up and they were there on time. They unlocked my vehicle within a couple of minutes. They were courteous and pleasant. Again, I am TOTALLY SATISFIED.- Stephen G.

Greg got to me in a short time (right when he said he would when he called me) after my car broke down.  He got my car loaded quickly, was very friendly, and we had a great conversation on the way to the mechanics.  I enjoyed my experience with East Coast Towing, and they will be my first choice in the future because of Greg.  Your company should take care of the good employees that it hires because customer service lacks in so many companies, but Greg put my faith back in customer service!- Monica H.

Your service was great.Tom was here in 25 minutes or less. I was totally satisfied. Thank you very munch. Sincerely, - Richard C.
I cannot begin to describe how shocked I was to come home from work tonight to have my car already in the driveway. My car had been towed and these guys not only worked with me the whole time but were friendly and went way out of there way to get me my car back. They delivered it BEFORE they said they could! They not only were professional but they were personable. This is the only company I will use or recommend in the future. I can't say enough good things about Fred and his colleges. Thanks again.  - Jessica L.

The response time by East Coast Towing was very good. Jay called me to let me know when he would arrive and was on time. Jay was very polite and professional which made me feel confident in his skills and that he would take care of my vehicle.  -Larry W. Cary, NC

I am very pleased with East Coast Towing. I had a flat tire and no jack, after calling they said that it would take 45 minutes. Stephen was there in about 10 minutes and changed and repaired my flat tire. I was very pleased with Stephen. It was starting to rain and Stephen was patience and polite, I would recommend East Coast Towing with an excellent employee by the name of Stephen. Thank you for great service. - Mike F. 

Excellent service!  Very professional total experience.  Josh and Dan were well schooled and demonstrated true American service efforts. - James S.

Great service by Ron.  Really went out of his way to help me with battery check. - Peter B.

Ricky's assistance to get us home when our car malfunctioned, was great.  He is a very respectful young man, performed his job with exceptional skill, and was most pleasant throughtout the entire processs and the trip back to our home.  - Kay B., Whitakers, NC

Quick and friendly service to unlock a car we had locked the keys in.  Dan and Josh new exactly what to do to get us back on the road again. - Norman G.

Great service--very pleasant driver. He arrived promptly and actually fixed my car starting problem without having to have the car go to the mechanic! I wish all tow truck drivers were like Jamie! - Maggie S.

Donnie was not only an extremely helpful and personable person, but he made me feel like I was in really good hands. When you are stressed after your car breaks down and someone is there to asses the situation in a polite manner, it really helps. Thank you for your service Donnie. - Andrew H.

Great Service. Donnie arrived 8 minutes after I called and unlocked my car in seconds. Very satisfied!! - Maggie

I just wanted to say that I was very pleased with the service I received from Donnie and your company. You have come to my rescue on more than one occasion! The response was quick, and Donnie was very professional, yet personable. - Pam H.

GREAT Serviece. Nick was very pleasent to work with. I was told that he would be there within 45 min, and he was there within 20 min.I am very glad that this the company take pride in the service that you provide. - Marietta T.

I wanted to thank Wayne for calling and towing my car.  He arrived at a reasonable time - was very nice and made me feel comfortable knowing my car was in good hands. - Brenda R.

Called for my stalled car.  Great, fast, friendly service from Joey.  Less than 30 minutes from start to finish. - Doug R.

When I called East Coast on 9/29 about a flat tire I was told the waiting time was 40 minutes.  I barely had hung up the phone when John was here. In the pouring rain he cheerfuly removed the flat tire and put on the spare - all told he was here no more than 20 minutes.  I was able to keep my doctor's appointment on time. Thank you for the incredible service you provide and the outstanding people you send.  It is greatly appreciated.  I was TOTALLY SATISFIED! - Evelyn H.

Matthew was great.  He was so courteous and helpful  He made an otherwise terrible mishap a good experience. His attitude and kindness was much appreciated. - Susan P.

I just want to say that East Coast Towing responded to my request of "keys locked in car" very quickly, professional, and were very pleasant to deal with. I have never conducted business with ECT prior to today but I will definitely call upon them in the future. Thanks guys! - Teresa F., Cary, NC

Great Service!   I misplaced the card to respond about the service, and just found it.  Ron was very professional and got me back on the road quickly.   I appreciate the service. Thanks, - NIcole L.

Matthew did a great job rescuing us when our son's clutch went out on his 4-Runner on the way back to college.  Not only did he show up within 20 minutes on a Sunday night, he went out of his way to make sure my wife and I got home safely. Thanks so much! - James B.

Great experience.  Took extra care with the car and wanted to make sure he didn't damage anything.  Very patient and nice guy.  - JR S.

Tom was courteous and very professional and, after running extensive diagnostic tests, he was able to jump start my failing battery so that I could drive myself home. He did offer to install a new battery for me but I declined this as all of my family support a local car shop with our business, near to where we live. However, I was: TOTALLY SATISFIED!  Many thanks. - Neil D.

Jamie is a really great guy. Did a wonderful job with the pickup and was friendly and very polite to my little kid too. Good fellow that Jamie is. You guys are really professionals. - Douglas L.

I was on my way out of town, had my car all packed, got in to start it and go and the battery was dead. I just knew I was going to be at least a couple of hours leaving home now. I called East Coast and was told someone would be there in about an hour or less. Within minutes after the call, I received a message from Tim letting me know he'd be there shortly. I believe it was less than twenty minutes after my call, that East Coast Towing was at my house. Tim not only checked the battery, he checked other things that could have caused the car to not start. He was professional, polite and knowledgeable; and quickly got me on the road. Thanks to Tim, I made my trip with real peace of mind knowing that the problem was only the battery. This is the second time I've dealt with East Coast Towin. They provide great service. - Carol G.

I would like to say the service was fast, the Driver was very nice. My car would not start and he gave me a junp and car started. I would like to say I had a very positive experince. Thanks for all that you do! - Phyllis R., Knightdale, NC

Matthew and East Coast Towing delivered 1st class service the other night (WED 10/8) when my fiancie locked her keys in the car the other night. He arrived in less than 20 minutes from the time of my call, and he couldn't have been a nicer man. Jessica and I both just felt so badly that neither of us were carrying any cash on us to tip him!  - Will K.

Tom was very efficient and quick, he was also very polite. And he did all this and changed my tire in the rain while keeping a delightful sense of professionalism. - Jacqueline D.

Ricky did a wonderful job. He was so nice, great attitude. He knew what he was doing. He made me feel very comfortable. He had very good manners. You need to keep him. I pray for his safety out there on the road. He is a good guy. East Coast Towing is lucky to have him. Thank you for the service!! - Lena K.

Matthew was nothing but first class and he took all the pressure off a tough situation. - Bill L.

I just want to spend a few minutes of my time to let you all know how great my service was last week during a rain storm. My van was close to a foot into the earth when my employees thought it was a good idea to drive my van in the customers back yard. NOT SMART considering it had been raining for the thid straight day. Josh showes up at least 15 minutes early with just a regular pick up truck. I started getting worried, but man did he have what he needed to get us out of the mud safe. Josh was great never did he flinch because of the rain, and the challenge of all the trees we had to get around. I was so amazed how he used the trees to pull the van the way he needed it to go. After three hook ups pulling this way and that way he got us out. Josh your the man great work pal. Josh was such a professional he would not let me tip him, or buy him lunch. He said that the greatest tip I could give him was coming to this web site, and posting the story. Well Josh I would of at least taken the lunch. Keep up the good hard work Josh your a pro at what you do very pleased, and very impressed! - Brad T.

Josh came earlier than promised, was extremely gracious, and quickly took care of my problem.  I am more than totally satisfied with his service. Thank you. - Alette B.

Josh and Dan were highly professional, courteous and quick. Despite the unfortunate circumstances of the night, we felt fortunate to have them show up to help us out. - Damien L.

Josh and Dan did an excellent job!  They kept in contact with me about when they would arrive.  Had my battery changed in no time.  I really appreciate all they did to make my break down easy.  Thanks! - Lisa B.

We just wanted to thank Ricky Knott for his help last night at around 1:45 am. He checked out our car, towed us home and was very polite, respectful and helpful. Thank you so much for helping us! -Debra M.

Excellent service.  I can always count on East Coast Towing to be there when needed.  Keep up the great service. - Cedric R.

I found myself in quite a jam when I was in Raleigh which is about an hour 90 minutes from home. I had a meeting to attend in downtown Raleigh at 1 PM and had stopped at a store on Capital Blvd. to pick up an order for a family member thinking I had plenty of time.  When I returned to my car, I realized I had locked the keys in my car which I have never done before, and was in a panic. Luckily, one call was all it took to handle my problem.  After a call from Tom, he was quickly at the store and opened the car. My problem was solved and I made my meeting with time to spare. I really appreciate his quick response and professional manner -  Judy B.

Great job over the weekend by Jamie.  He called and let me know approximate arrival time, which was right on target, hooked up the vehicle and was on the way.  He got all the needed information from me and let me know what was going to happen with the vehicle. I have never had a tow that was that efficient. By the way, Jamie made the ending of the ordeal extremely pleasant.  - Harod D.

I was provided with fast, friendly assistance by Donald, and he possessed a positive attitude about his job. I appreciate the care he took while loading and off-loading my car, and the call I received telling me when he would arrive. I was not worried in the least because I knew I was in good hands. Thank you! - Anna H.

Wayne did a wonderful job with both the pick up of our car with his flatbed and the delivery.  He was very professional and pleasant.  In the future if we are in need of towing services again we will defintely use your services again. God Bless you, - Angel N.

Russell was so kind and got to my car within 15 minutes. I really appreciate the quick service, his friendliness and professionalism. I was extremely impressed and pleased with your services. Should I ever need assistance again, I know who I'll call. Thanks to Russell for all of his help! - Brittany S.

Just a quick note to let you know that Matthew is a true professional. Your staff and he called twice to let me know exactly when the truck would arrive. Matthew made short work of loading the care and took excellent care to load my 1966 Galaxie on the rollback with ramps as to not damage the exhaust tips/bumper. A++ service from you guys - thanks again. - F.O.F.

Josh came to our rescue with battery charge and new battery.  He arrived very quickly after our initial call. He was very friendly and got us back on the road in no time.  Great work Josh! - Rebecca V.

Just wanted to take the time to thank Tom for his excellent service and for taking the time to explain to me what he felt was going on with my vehicle and the different options that were available for me. It was clear to me he understood my vehicle problem as well as my need financially.  I did not feel I was just another call for the day, I felt he really cared and his professionalism and knowledge was expectional.  Thanks for making a hetic day somewhat more bearable. God Bless....Dianne H.

Just wanted to leave a message for C.J.  You are the man!  My car "died" last night - I wasn't sure if it was the battery or not but needed it looked at quickly.  C.J. arrived just in the nick of time - he came fully prepared and was extremely professional, capable and knowledgable.  He thoroughly tested the car to make sure it indeed was just a battery replacement and explained the "test" results to me; further assuring me of his competence and knowledge.  C.J. had a brand new battery in the truck and within ten minutes, had the old one out and replaced without problem.  I was completely comfortable with C.J. and felt extremely at ease since his professionalism was top-notch!  Hopefully, all your employees are as terrific as him!!  Don't let this one go!!!!!  Thank you, C.J. - you're the best........ - Linda D.

Donnie was so wonderful! He called me right after I got off the phone with ECT dispatch letting me know that he was in the area and would be there soon. He was so prompt, which I really appreciated on a hot day. He could not have been any nicer, and he really provided me with excellent service. He made me feel calm in a stressful situation and was very kind. I will definitely request East Coast Towing in the future with more car problems.  - Sarah W.

I called ECT.  Russell arrived quicker than promised and was quick to complete the job.  He was very nice and a vibrant personality.  He made a bad situation easier to take. - Gordan U.

I just would like y'all to know how happy and completely satisfied I am with the service provided by your company. I locked my keys in my car on October 14 and called you guys for assistance. Within 10 minutes your driver drove up and had the truck door opened in less than 2 minutes. Donnie was very friendly, courteous, and extremely fast. I would definitely call on y'all again if I needed help. - Brian W.

Russell was great.  Extremely personable and great to chat with while he fished my keys out of my car.  I hope that all of your drivers can be as courteous and professional as Russell. Kudos. - John P.

Locked my keys in my pickup. Stephen was great, very professional and fast. Thanks for the great service. - Joel G.

Wanted to write and say how satisfied I was with Dan and the way he handled my service call.  He showed up when he said he would, got right to work to diagnose my problem (a nine year old battery on it's last legs),explain the situation and my options.  He then promptly installed a new battery at my request and I was on my way. This is about the third or fourth time I have used your company and your people have always performed extremely well. Thanks - Don M.

I missed the survey phone call so wanted to drop a note of thanks to Joey for his fast, friendly, profession and all around wonderful service.  I really appreciate your help! and definitely rate the experience a "1" for totally satisfied. Thank you so much!  Deb M.

After several attempts to jump start my car, I called East Coast convinced that my car would have to be towed and that I had a problem other than a weak battery. Donnie arrived promptly and jumped started my car.  No tow was necessary after all, which saved me a great deal of time, money, and aggravation.  Thank you Donnie and East Coast Towing for your great service.  You can add me to your list of Totally Satisfied customers.  -Keith K.

I was in North C. State Uni on Friday 10/15/2010 to pick up a truck from the USDA. My plan was to pick the truck up and drive it to Maryland. The truck was not start. Contact ECT they send in a guy within 10-15 mins to see if it is the battery. He is very helpful gentleman and patient. He recommended to tow the SUV he set-up a towing truck for me and within 10-15 minutes they contacted me. And within 15 minutes they arrived and towed the SUV to Advance Auto. I have requested to tow it overthere so I could fix it with the help of a friend, the Advance Auto is about 3 miles away. The gentleman who tow the SUV was immediately gave me his business card and told me that he could help. He also told me that he has a shop nearby if I could not fix it myself. Anyway, i was able to fix the truck and on my way to Maryland safely.
I found the East Coast Towing to be very polite, resourceful, and prompt to help. I appreciated all they have done for me. Thank you.  - Sione, Pikesville, MD

Matthew did an excellent job helping me out last week.  It was late at night when I called, but he showed up earlier than expected and within 15 minutes of my call in.  He took care of my problem quickly and easily and was very professional and courteous.  I was very satisfied with my service and wanted to be sure to let you know what a good job he is doing.  Thank you. - Andrew S.

Matthew was great, I was totally satisfied with his service.  He was personable and took the time needed to try to get me back on the road.  When that wasn't possible he made sure my SUV got to my requested location and that I made it home safely. Car problems are so frustrating so when it does happen it's nice to deal with someone with a pleasant attitude, thanks Matthew! - Tracie H.

Josh was great!  He had to deal with me after a terrible, frustrating morning but he was patient and efficient and had me on my way as quickly as possible.  He did his job well, explained things clearly to me and was kind at the same time. I hope I don't need him again anytime soon, but if I do, I have no problem with him coming to my assistance. I was totally satisfied with his service.  Thanks Josh! - Tracie H.

Greg was on-site very shortly after I called in to ECT.  He got my battery charged and car started very quickly.  Yes, I was totally satisfied. - Jerry H.

Dan was able to reach my destination within about 35-40 minutes.  He was extremely professional, but friendly at the same time.  He changed out my battery quite quickly.  I was surprised at how quickly he got it done.  He seemed very organized and thorough.  I would be more than happy to refer him to anyone at anytime.  I am very pleased with my experience with Dan and East Coast Towing.  Great job!  - Lisa H.

Moses was great! He called me and let me know he would be there in 10 minutes and he actually showed up within the time he stated.  He was thorough in making an effort to determine if my car would start before towing it.  In addition, he explained everything to me in detail and checked my identification before doing anything.  Keep up the great work Moses and you will find success in whatever you do! - Fred W.

I was rescued by East Coast Towing twice this month, and let me tell you...it was not a bad experience!  These guys know what they are doing and they are AWESOME.  I have programmed their number into my phone, but MOST importantly I gave their number to my mechanic to send them referrals! Greg was terrific.  Polite, fast, sweet, gorgeous eyes, (married ladies), and gave me a lift home and took my car to the shop for me.  HIGHLY Recommend them.  Please do yourself a favor and give them a call! Give him a raise for me please??!! You do not want a great employee like him to leave, he's a great example to others! I'm sure his wife would love you for it too!! - Susan W.

Hello everyone, I needed to let everyone know how much I appreciate East Coast Towing!  They saved me twice this month, and hopefully my last, (since my car died today:-() Jay was terrific!  He said he would be there in 15 minutes, and sure enough, he was there in 15 minutes! As nice as could be too.  Very polite, sweet, just a nice person, you can tell when you make that idle chit-chat on the way to the garage, I asked him about this and that and he was so nice and he spoke about his wonderful wife and little boy.  I felt very safe.  I know that's important to women these days being alone with a man you don't know.  Well, I have been with 2 EXCELLENT competent drivers for East Coast Towing and both were exceptional with their manners.  Yes ma'am etc. It's wonderful to see that Jay is a trainer, and obviously that is why both of the drivers I have had come rescue me were respectful!  Give this number to your mechanic.  These guys are THE best! - Susan W.

The oil warning light came on in my Honda yesterday on my way home from work. I called up East Coast and they dispatched Matthew with a tow truck. He arrived promptly (quicker than promised) and was wonderful.  I was very upset about my car and he checked the oil for me.  He told me that it was very low and that I had done the right thing in calling for a tow.  He also took the time to reassure me by telling me that he did not see any outwardly visible indication that I had irreparably damaged my car.  He carted me all the way to my Honday dealership.   We talked about his recent move to the Raleigh area on the way over and it was a very pleasant conversation.  (I think he knew I was worried about my car and was actively trying to distract me.)  He was extremely courteous, watching to make sure that I got into the truck safely, and he drove very carefully.  There were a couple of times I noticed when he could have beaten a light, but he chose to take the safer course and stop instead. My only regret about the interaction, is that I was so focused on my car that I never thought to give Matthew a tip.  Matthew, I will send you something in the mail, please forgive me!  East Coast Towing is lucky to have such a fine employee.  - Leslie R.

Driver was very courteous and professional. I was actually quite surprised how quickly he showed up. the driver called me within 15 mins to tell me he'd be there within 5 mins. Great job! - Chris O.

Ricky is most outstanding in his excellent customer service, his automotive/towing skills and his efficiency in time - in getting to me an providing immediate serve. My car woult not start and was in a large, moderately dark parking lot at Plantation Point shopping center at about 8:30 PM. Ricky arrived promptly and even called to let a senior citizen know that he was very close by and then that he could see my location. He offer good advice on service issues on battery replacement until he recognized a possible more serious problem that would require towing to an auto service provider. After towing the vehicle to Crossroads Infiniti, Ricky made certain that I had transportation home and that was comfortable. Ricky Knott is a real asset to your company and is an outstanding example for customer service. Please convey my since thanks to Ricky for his good help. Thank you, - Allen R.

Excellent response time and quality service. The driver was a relief to see, and he waited for my spouse to arrive so that I had a ride before he left with my vehicle. I would highly recommend this towing service. - Phillip P.

Thank you for sending Tom out to tend to the dead battery in our truck.  He was prompt, courteous, and professional.  He clearly explained my options, put in a new battery for us, and made sure all other related functions including the connections were properly working.  The service call results and his friendly customer service greatly exceeded my expectations.  Thank you. - Bryan C.

I called arround 9 am, becouse my car won't start . The lady was very nice and strait at the phone. Jamie arrived earlier than anounced, and found my car's battery was dead. After a jumpstart, asked me to drive for a new  one. All the mater was so pleasant, fast and fill with good maners from every one, that I feel myself 'protected' and cared. The whole story was so fast, that I was back home long before noon, with my fixed car! Everybody did an outstanding job! - Mercedes S.

This is to acknowledge Ryan for removing my tangled vehicle from a guard rail on Hwy 40 at exit 325 in Janaury-2009.  His service never escaped my mind.  The roads were wet and iced over and Mr. Page answered my call and removed my vehicle from the highway.  Thank you for your service and I have East Coast Towing plugged into my cell phone.  - Roosevelt L.

Excellent service!  Donnie arrived quickly and fixed my flat tire in just a few minutes.  He was extremely friendly and helpful. - Janet E.

Ronnie was the best! We was quick getting to me and then he was very pleasant and helpful with my car situation. I love East Coast Towing and appreciate all you do to help make car troubles as pain free as possible.- Morgan

Jay was awesome. My truck broke down and I needed a tow. Jay helped troubleshoot and gave me some advice on what the problem might be. Turns out he was right. I did what he said, it worked, and I probably saved a few hundred dollars avoiding a trip to the mechanic. Jay is the MAN!! Thanks Jay..  - Clayton T.

I received highly professional and proficient service from Jay yesterday.  He called to let me know when he would arrive, and he arrived slightly early.  My electric-gas hybrid was parked front first in the carport and needed electricity to get it out of park.  He knew exactly what to do and went about his task in a pleasant and efficient manner. He left the car at the dealership with the proper paperwork.  Jay's professional actions and courteous demeanor inspired confidence.  His 'public face' for your service is a credit to your organization.  - Carl B.

Just wanted to leave a report for Tom who helped me last Monday .  I was in a parking lot before work having my coffee and when I went to leave my car did not start .My car had a battery problem and he called me to let me know he was on his way and before I knew it he was there. He was very kind and professional . He informed me on what my problem was and made me feel like a very important customer. I want to thank you Tom for yr help . We have been with ya;ll for quite some time and this was the best towing experience I have had. thank you.  -Linda D.

Tom gave me a call to let me know about what time to expect him and he arrived 15 to 20 minutes early. He checked my battery and my eletrical system to make sure that i would not have any other problems he was a very polite and friendly man. i will be shareing this information with my family and friends. - Sylvester T.

I wanted to compliment Matthew on the service he provided me on October 15 when he took care of towing my car. He was courteous, friendly, and very professional in the manner in which he handled my car. Getting your car towed is a stressful situation but it helps immensely when you don't have to worry about the way your car is handled when it's towed as well as the manner in which the driver interacts with you. Matthew is a professional in all aspects of his job. - Mark M.

CJ was prompt, professionsl and friendly. If I had had money in my wallet he would have got a $20 for sure. So CJ here is the next best thing....pressing #1 for TOTALLY SATSIFIED !!!  - Rick F.

Wayne was phenomenal!  He called and gave me an updated arrival time and actually arrived sooner.  He was so polite and helpful and reassuring.  I have always had positive experiences with East Coast Towing, and Wayne exemplifies your company's excellent customer service.  - Carol A., Cary, NC

What a quick response time!  I called ECT with a lock-out and was told it would be about 45 minutes.  Instead it was about 30, and the driver, Russ, had the car unlocked in 10 seconds!  Great job! - Carol P.

Matthew was a Godsend, the night my battery went dead unexpectedly. He was very courteous, cordial, pleasant, and extremely helpful. His customer-oriented demeanor was top notch and helped me calm down rather quickly, as I could tell I was in good hands. He arrived fairly quickly, with the exception of being given the wrong phone number, which was no fault of his. He got me started and had me on my way within minutes. He was SUPERB in every way and I appreciate it more than words can describe!  - Jae J.

The best service ever.  We were broke down on Salisbury Street, right off the I40 East bound off ramp.  Traffic was awful and very unforgiving.  Jeff responded immediately, was awesome about getting us off the road and safe.  You could not ask for better customer service!!  Thank you Jeff and East Coast Towing!! - Antoinette N.

Both the employee in training and the driver were very professional and made me feel safe.  They responded promptly to the call and actually came quicker than the time estimated.  My experience was great! - Amanda D.

My husband and I were glad to do this survey because we have used East Towing within the last year of having our car towed. We have been more than pleased with the drivers and their promptness, politeness and most of all professionalism. Joey called me to confirm my address and to tell me he would be arriving in ten minutes or less. He was smiling,asked to see my card,and what the trouble was. Within five minutes he was off to my choice destination. He was professional the entire time he was in my presence. We are happy customers with East Coast Towing!! - Marce A.

Had a flat Tuesday. Tom promptly arrived and got me on my way with a minimum delay.  I am from out of town, but will keep his card in case of future breakdowns in Raleigh. - Bill G.

I was totally Satisfied with East Coast service. Tom and his partner were and my house promtly and service was excellent. - Pat H.

Dang...2 calls to ECT in last 48 hours.  2nd call locked out of car. Nothing makes you feel as stupid as locking the keys in the car. Joey arrived earlier than expected and took longer to drive through the parking deck than it did for him to get the car unlocked. GREAT JOB AGAIN by EastCoast Towing.  Pressing #1 for TOTALLY SATISFIED !!!  - Rick F.

Wayne arrived exactly at the time he told me when he called me. His service was excellent and if I have to ever get towed again, hopefully not, I'd definately want him to be my tower again. - Ijuana B.

I just wanted to give a BIG thanks to Dan.  I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful he was.  He was very prompt, I only waited about 10 minutes, and he called to keep me updated about his arrival.  He was so nice and very patient with me.  He explained exactly what he was doing.  After he diagnosed my car with a dead battery, he replaced battery for me.  I'm a nurse and just got off a 12 hour shift and was due to be at the hospital at 6 am.  Dan was fast but thorough.  Amazing.  Thanks again. - Jennifer P.

My morning didn't start off so great as I realized I had a flat tire while driving down 440.  Luckily, once I called, Ron arrived immediately and changed my tire quickly!  He was very professional and friendly.  Thanks for a great job! - Natasha H.

Over the years I have had East Coast Towing respond to my roadside calls.  And I hope that never changes!  The service is prompt, courteous and efficient.  This week it was Jamie Phifer who responded and PAUL you could not have a better representative.  He immediately figured our the problema and solved it and had me back on the road.  I am a single woman.  I sleep well at night knowing that East Coast Towing is there if I have a problem.  Thank you SO much for such excellent service. I was 100percent totally satisfied. - Eve H.

Wayne was simply amazing.  He was so polite and professional in a pressing and stressful time. I felt that my car would safely arrive at the requested destination.  I wouldn't ask for a better man to service me and hope that if I'm ever in need again, it will be Wayne to the rescue!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! - Ruth W.

My co worker had some heavy boxes in her car and ask me to bring them in the building I grabbed the boxes after laying the keys down in the console and locked her keys in the car I called East Caost Towing, they had a driver here in the next 30 minutes and he was inside the car in 2 minutes great services. - Jeffery M.

I had a manual transmission that was stuck in my inclined drive. Donnie surveyed the situation and carefully push the car wheels with the flatbed and got the transmission unstuck. No tow was needed. He was quick, careful, and efficient. - William C.

Matthew jump started our car after the battery died on our way home from the beach on 10/11/10.  He was extremely professional and polite.  I was very impressed.  Thanks so very much for getting us back on the road quickly.  Doris B.
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