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East Coast Towing, 100 Rupert Road, Raleigh NC 27603
(919) 835-0705

Excellent service.  Competitive prices on a battery replacement. - Henry T.

Just experienced what I consider top notch customer service!  Greg was efficient, personable, and professional.  He had my dead battery back to life in a short time. Great service!!! – Joye W.

Very quick, helpful and professional! Thanks Jaimie.  – Dexter C.

Thanks so much!  Josh was quick and very helpful!  You guys are GREAT! – Adrianne W., Knightdale NC

Tom showed up at my door within 20 minutes of a dispatch call.  He was so friendly and efficient, and patched my flat tire so that I could get to the service station.  He was so professional and had a great sense of humor.  Thank you East Coast Towing!  - Julie L.

I was totally satisfied.  Russell was very friendly and funny, definately helps in a possibly stressful situation. He filled my flat tire and gave me great advise.  He really cared and you could tell.  A++
I love the smart car too, it was quite a surprise when I expected a truck.  great idea for down town Raleigh.  Thanks!!  - Belivia A., Raleigh NC

Donnie responded to my tow request really quickly and took really good care of my car. I am really pleased with the service. Thank you!  - Annie H.

Very good response and quickly solved the problem of locking keys in our Expedition. Super service. – Ed H.

My car would not start so I called East Coast Towing.  Josh responded quickly and diagnosed my problem and jump started me.  Thanks for your response and the professional manner in which you conducted business. You get a TOTALLY SATISFIED RATING FROM ME. – Hunter S.

Russell was amazing. He was so helpful and even assisted me in getting the stuff out of my trunk so we could retrieve the spare tire. He explained what he was doing and advised me about driving on a spare. Russell was a genuinely kind and helpful part of my otherwise not-so-fun experience.  – Megan P.

Hey Donnie was great! Got the car working. I was 100% satisfied.  – Patrick

Tom was outstanding fixing my flat tire. I had to wait an hour for him to arrive but so well worth it. Within 5 minutes my spare was on.  It would take me a whole lot longer to do myself. Tom was very pleasant. Thank you Tom!! Totally Satisfied!!  - Diana A.

I Left my house, on my way to work, to find that my car just would not start.  I called in and was given a timeframe of about 45 minutes. Within 15 minutes, I received a call from Tom stating that he was on his way.  Tom was prompt, efficient and very professional.  He diagnosed my problem, got my car jumpstarted, and had me on my way to work in no time.  I am totally satisfied and will definitely be choosing #1.  Thank you.   – Sara L.

A thank you note to Mr. Wayne for his professionalism, and for being pleasant and courteous. He came to my rescue as quickly as he had promised, and best of all, opened the door for me to get into the tow truck! so as to get my car to the repair shop. Little things like that make a big difference. He was very respectful and for that I will always ask for East Coast Towing Services.  – Judith P.

Service received from Michael on September 17 was exemplary. My tense state was claimed by his prompt arrival where my auto inoperative and in the middle of the street. Mike arrived in less than 30 minutes. He was courteous, professional, considerate and knowledgeable about my vehicle. While in transit to the automobile dealership where my auto was being towed, Mike was a good conversationalist, which helped to ease my state of mind and overal disposition. Mike is, without a doubt, an outstanding asset for East Coast Towing. Congratulations!!!  - Lionel C.

Russell was very courteous & efficient. I was very happy with the service. – Jessica M.

I would like to commend my driver Donnie for his professionalism and the courteous service he provided me on Sunday September 19th in helping me get my Pontiac Aztek started. He explained to me what the problem was in my ignition lock and how to free it up if it happens again. I was definitely Totally Satisfied with the service he provided.   – Ed C.

I am continually impressed by and grateful for East Coast's services. When my car broke down on the highway,I panicked, and being new to the area, I had no idea where to take my car for a repair. Moe was professional and knowledgeable, and his friendly demeanor put me immediately at ease. He brought my car to my apartment, parked it for me, and was also able to recommend reputable repair shops in the area. I am very grateful for his help. 

Requested towing on Sunday, Donnie  showed up within 20 mins to pick up my 71 corvette, handled it with care and advice on the repair. Good job Donnie.  – John

Thank you for sending Tom for my emergency service call. He was a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable, and very professional. Having employees like Tom will help your business grow. He was excellent to work with. – Jim

Matt provided excellent service when my car battery failed yesterday. He called me twice while he was on his way to my car, just to update me as to his location and expected time of arrival. He was super friendly, and of course, knew exactly what he was doing. He confirmed that my battery was completely dead, but was able to jump start the car so that we could get it into position to get hooked up to the tow truck (it was in a parking space surrounded by other parked cars). I do a lot of business travel, so I am in a position to witness customer service (both outstanding and horrible) at hotels, airports, and rental car counters. I know good service when I see it, and Matt provided excellent customer service. He put me at ease at a time when I was inconvenienced and frustrated. I can't tell you how much I appreciated his friendly and professional service. Thank you, Matt!  - Doug H.

Russell was great. I was on a conference call and he arrived in a timely manner, was very courteous and changed the tire quickly. I appreciate the service at it saved me from having to reschedule the conference call. Thanks again Russell!  - Eric F.

Josh was great! He arrived only 10 mins after my call when I expected to wait at least 40 mins. and let me know he was on his way. He changed my flat tire super quick and gave me information about my tires that I didn't even know. I am very satisfied. I hope he shows up again the next time I call.   – Letitia M.

I was very satisfied with the service I received today! – Lakisha B.

Thanks for good, quick, friendly service. Wayne is a good man. – Jim

Greg was good-natured, good-humored and very professional. He helped me diagnose the problem and got me back on the road in short order! Thanks to East Coast towing! – Jonathan G.

Moses came to my rescue last night!! My car broke down, on my way home from working a 12.5 hour shift at the hospital. I was tired, and very frustrated and ready to be at home!   After calling ECT for help, they dispatched someone out to me and he was there within a very short time - maybe 15-20 at the most... and in seconds (literally-seconds) he had my car hooked up on his truck - and ready to be towed. He is a true professional - and an employee that East Coast Towing should be very proud of.  Thank you so very much!!!   - Jennifer M.

Josh was very prompt, courteous, and respectful. Great service.  – April

Very professional, and extremely pleased with Josh's service. I was able to get my car running and back to my scheduled events for the day without hardly a hitch. I am truly grateful for your service and Josh's excellent work. – Teresa D.

Excellent service and very professional approach. The best roadside assistance that I have had --no question.  – Bob

I just wanted to commend East Coast Towing and Tom for a job well-done. I had clumsily locked my keys in my car and soon after placing a call, Tom arrived and had me back in my car very quickly. Tom was not only prompt but was also very nice and courteous as well.  Thanks again!  - Anthony R.

Not only was Jeff, early for pick up, but he was incredibly helpful and went above and beyond the call of duty. I truly appreciate all of his help and expertise. Thank you!  - Dianne

My apologies that I am posting this so late after the services provided! I just found your card and wanted to make sure that East Coast Towing knows what a great job Donnie is doing. He was QUICK, courteous and made an unpleasant experience not so bad! I have recommended East Coast towing to two other people since that visit! Thanks again!  - Carol D.

What a wonderful employee you have in Josh! He responded to our call of a dead battery within 5 minutes! What a polite, patient, and professional young man he was. It was a pleasure to meet someone with knowledge,service minded, and great personality! Thank you East Coast Towing!   - Mary M.

We had a tire blow out at around 1 am. Called East Coast Towing. Nick called us very shortly after getting off the phone with their dispatch. He called us to let us know he was on his way and arrived under 30 minutes. He had the donut in place super fast. Nick was quick, efficient, super courteous. Without a doubt East Coast Towing has outstanding service!   - Michelle Y.

Fast, efficient, professional, friendly. Thanks!  - Andrew C.

Last week, I had driven to Wake Forest for an early morning doctor's appointment. Just before I arrived, my car started overheating (or so I thought). I was upset and concerned about what to do. After speaking with someone at East Coast Towing, I felt so much better. She was so kind and assured me that someone would be there to promptly assist me and for me not to worry about how I would get home. She was right!! Within minutes, Jamie arrived to help me. He was very nice and professional and made me feel at ease. He towed my car to our mechanic and made sure I got home safely. My thanks to Jamie. I really appreciate all he did to help me in my time of despair.
Gratefully,  Kathy P.

Excellent service. He called and was there even before the ETA. After discovering that a new battery was needed and that mine had a crack in it, he said he had just installed the last one that day like the one I needed, but he called around to other service technicians to see if anyone had one that he could go pick up and install. He was not able to find one, but got my car started and advised me to have a new one installed ASAP. Tom was very prompt, knowledgable and helpful!  - Claudette W.

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